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Elizabeth Medina is EVERYTHING you would want for your wedding photographer!
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Elizabeth Medina Photography - Yucatan, Mexico

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By jdisch, · 336 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Artistic, create, SO kind, insurmountable talent!
Cons: Non!
Elizabeth Medina has a very special gift. She captured the essence of the entire day in so many ways. She is truly an artist and found the special moments, not just between us, but moments with our guests and families. She took the most beautiful photos of the surroundings and summarized every aspect of the day beautifully through her amazing photography. 
Beyond her insurmountable talent, Elizabeth's persona is one that you'd be grateful to have around on your wedding day. She has a calming presence and she is incredibly kind, composed, professional, and creative.  Seeing her passion and excitement as she shoots different details from your wedding day makes you feel confident and happy to have her around. I could go on for a long time about her great personality. From the moment we spoke on the phone, I felt like I trusted her and trusted her opinion; and it only got better from there. 

Our wedding photographs are priceless to us. They are filled with emotion in every way that we hoped for. Thank you Elizabeth, for the best wedding gift we could have received!
Love, Julie & Matt



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