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By EddieAlvarez, · 636 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Experienced, Professional, Great Communication, Can do House Music, Balanced music for the entire crowd. Mature.
Cons: Absolutely none

Let me first state that aside from my career as a Cosmetic Dentist in NYC, I am also a house music DJ that regularly performs in NYC, LA, and internationally. I have performed in front of crowds of thousands, and most of the guests at my wedding are part of the music industry. I say that not to sound arrogant, but instead to give perspective of how important having a great DJ at our wedding was. 


My wife Dara and I did not want to have the typical wedding music that everyone "puts up with" at every wedding they go to. We wanted something that was going to be fun, unique, and reflective of who we are. We are not the macarena/chicken dance type of people. We sent out emails to multiple DJ's, and actually flew down to Playa del Carmen to meet with a few of them. With Ricardo you will not have to do that because he is extremely professional and is very amenable to discussing things via skype or email, but for us, we wanted to go the extra mile. When we met Ricardo, we immediately knew we had found the right person. Ricardo is fluent in English (though we both speak Spanish), he is friendly, and he is a gentleman. He is not some kid that decided he wanted to do weddings after buying a laptop, he is a true professional DJ. He has experience performing in nightclubs (something that was very important to us), and he and I have even shared the stage with some of the same artists (which was very important to me). Ricardo was happy to provide us with a "Preview" mix that he sent us via email with some of the music we requested. He never said no to anything we wanted, and most important during that first meeting, I remember him saying, "I am excited, I WANT TO DO YOUR WEDDING". Where some of the other DJ's were intimidated, he was not. 


Our wedding was a combination of Latin (Colombian) and Jewish families. Ricardo knew exactly how to balance the music so that we could hear some Salsa/Merengue/Cumbia and at the same time the American side of the families were also very happy. The cocktail hour and dinner hours were great, and the music he played reminded us of being in the south of France or on South Beach. Very classy and elegant. There was never a dull moment on the dancefloor, and everyone was impressed by him. One other thing that meant the world to me, was that he was gracious enough to allow me to play a few songs on his equipment (though my wife wanted to kill me for doing so lol). Ricardo also advised us on lighting, and provided us with a great light up LED dance floor that looked great and not cheesy in any way.


I recommend Ricardo and Discomovil with no hesitation and wholeheartedly. Trust me, he will make the musical part of your wedding great, and you will have nothing to worry about except for how to keep dancing.


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