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FineArt Studio were simply fantastic
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FineArt Studio Photography

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By nathansteph, · 405 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Stunning photos, great communication, fun to work with
Cons: none

When we decided we were going to get married abroad we knew that finding the "right" suppliers from another continent was going to be a time consuming task, researching, comparing and reading other reviews to make the best possible decision we could.... Simply we believe we made the best decision with all of our suppliers and FineArt studio were simply fantastic. We chose Alvaro as our Main photographer and were delighted with Chesira (Chez) as the 'second' photographer. They work fantastic together and made us both feel at ease from the minute we first met each of them. The communication, agreement, and fine details were simply sorted before the day. Our wedding was about having fun, we wanted the moments that made our guests laugh captured not just photos of us, not too many 'formal' photos, and they delivered on that, our wedding was a party with a relaxed, fun feel, a real fun day. We danced, we drank, we had fun and did not want the day to end. What makes a day special? That six months after the event, the majority of people who attended it call it the best wedding they have ever been to. Our review is posted here nearly 6 months to the day as using FineArt Studio made it a super special day, we have photos that are stunning, vivid color and take us back to the day everytime we look.


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