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Dominican Republic
Beautiful Beach and Resort, Terrible Service, Do not get married here
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Majestic Elegance Punta Cana - Luxury All Inclusive

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Pros: Beach, Views, Cleanliness
Cons: Service- Deplorable

Majestic Elegance Review March 6-14th 2015


I traveled to the Majestic Elegance this past March for my wedding.  Overall we had a wonderful time however there were many issues that came up during our stay, especially at the beginning.  I will start from our arrival and walk you through the stay to review my wedding week at the Majestic Elegance Hotel.  I want to preface this by saying that I am extremely laid back, which is part of the reason my husband and I chose a destination wedding.  Everyone has different experiences on vacations and I hope everyone has a much better experience than we did.  This is a review of our experience at the resort. 

We arrived on a Friday at 1:30 pm so happy to finally get to our dream vacation.  The weather was beautiful and the resort itself looked amazing! We traveled with my two cousins (brother and sister) and the rest of my 100 guests were due to arrive in on Saturday.  All of the 100 guests were staying in the Elegance Club.  The way the Elegance club was described online, it seemed worth it to pay extra money for extra perks and service.  To begin the “private check in” was more or less a disaster.  We were brought into a side room, and waited for about 45 minutes with staff coming in and out however none of them would talk to us or answer us when we asked what was going on.  It was getting frustrating as we were hoping to get some sort of reply on what was going on and what the hold up was on checking in.  I was a little more annoyed as we were scheduled to have a meeting with my wedding coordinator, a couple’s massage and a private dinner on the beach that evening.  After about an hour and a half we were told we were being brought up to our rooms.  At this point I found my WC and had to ask her if we could delay our meeting since we still hadn’t even left the main lobby.  She was great about pushing it back an hour.  We also had to cancel the massage as again the check in was taking forever. 

The butler assigned to us brought us to our rooms; the first room to go into was my cousins.  As I mentioned before they are grown adults brother and sister and were 1 of 8 rooms in the 60 rooms blocked off that were given 2 queen beds in the Elegance side.  We walked into a room with one king bed; we informed the butler they needed 2 queen beds.  He was on the phone for about 20 minutes and then said we needed to go back to the lobby to discuss it because there weren’t any double bed rooms available.  We walked back to the lobby (a good 10 minute walk) where we had to go in another room and wait to talk with someone.  When we finally did they told me that there were no rooms with two double beds, and there wouldn’t be any available for the week.  I was beyond frustrated and called my travel agent who spoke with them about how this was already reserved for the designated rooms.  The staff apologized but said they wouldn’t be available.  At this point my cousin was upset and asked for a second room.  I was very irritated as then they would be paying for a whole new room.  I asked to speak to the manager who after me re-explaining everything accommodated the situation.  I was very frustrated by this as clearly there were rooms- rooms we had reserved almost a year ago, yet they were saying there weren’t. 

Finally they were brought to a new room and my fiancé and I were brought to ours.  I must add that my fiancé and I booked an ocean view suite in the elegance club.  When were in the check in room for the elegance club, I spoke to them to make sure it was an ocean view, and a nice room as we were the bride and groom.  They assured me it was the “best ocean view at the resort.”  When we checked into our room it was “an ocean view suite” however there was no ocean view it overlooked the pool.  I again inquired about having an ocean view suite to which our butler said this was the best room.  After the chaos and disorganized team I had just dealt with in the lobby for hours I figured I’d let it go, and maybe they meant pool view?? I just needed to let it go and deal with it later as I was now late for the second meeting with our WC.  I then went to unpack my bags as our luggage was brought to the room by staff.  We were traveling from Boston in a blizzard, so I still had leggings on with a t-shirt.  My luggage was not in the room.  I purposely packed my rehearsal dress, and a few change of clothes in my carry on in case the airlines lost my big luggage.  However the airline did not and I had both pieces when I left the airport and got on the shuttle to the Majestic Elegance.  They were not in the room…all our other bags were there.  The butler said he would find the luggage but we needed to go to our meeting as we were going to be late.

We walked back to the lobby to meet the WC, I was beyond frustrated with the service at this point and to boot my luggage is lost yet I needed to get to this meeting.  My WC was very sweet but kept telling me I needed to relax, it was frustrating with all that had gone wrong since we set foot on the resort.  Midway through my meeting with her, the staff from ME came over stating that I must have lost it at the airport as they did not have my luggage. I was so upset and reiterated that I was positive it came with us, I saw it come off the shuttle when we arrived.  My meeting went on with the WC, and she added that our romantic dinner on the beach could be pushed back to 7:30 at the latest as it was now almost 6 pm and I had no luggage and they had tied up the majority of the day with all their errors.  Around 645 my belongings appeared to our room with no explanation of what happened or any apologies.  

We quickly got to the area for the romantic beach dinner.   We gave our names and what a surprise, they didn’t have us down for dinner.  My fiancé then stated we must be getting punked or something.  It was crazy.  I said don’t worry we will just sit in the regular restaurant but our WC made this reservation, and it’s included in our wedding package.  After another ½ hour of several different staff speaking with us they sat us down.  Once we were seated it was great beautiful spot on the beach and the servers at the restaurants are amazing! There were people going around playing music and it was very peaceful was a great end to a very crazy stressful day!


We started our next day saying we had a fresh start and it must have just been a terrible day for the staff at the Majestic Elegance.  We were allowed to have our couples massage that morning.  The spa is beautiful!!! Great massages and clean and relaxing grounds! Highly recommend going! Wonderful service.

The next day was going smoothly and I spoke with the front desk about trying to get people into their rooms in a timely fashion, as we had the rehearsal dinner that night.  They assured me that Friday had errors, and people would be able to check in fine.  Lie again! The majority of my guests waited forever to get to their rooms.  When they were in the rooms they were having trouble getting their luggage delivered, and couldn’t change for the rehearsal dinner.  Most arrived to the resort before noon, and some didn’t get their luggage until after 5.  My sister was one of them who was my maid of honor, not that it mattered but she almost had to wear her travel clothes to dinner because the dress she had picked out months before was with her luggage.  Also two of my bridesmaids couldn’t get into their rooms until after 5 pm as they were still being cleaned (supposed to be checked in by 3 pm and elegance club states you cand do an early check in) All just very frustrating as then half the wedding party couldn’t make it to the walk through rehearsal part. 

We had blocked off 5 ocean view rooms one for us, one for each set of parents, his aunt and uncle and my sister and her boyfriend.  As I explained earlier they told us we were in the “best ocean view suite” and it only overlooked the pool.  When my sister saw our room she had felt so guilty.  Her room was right out in front overlooking the ocean, as was all the other ocean view rooms.  We were so happy that they got these rooms but were curious why we were thrown in the middle, overlooking the pool.  I figured that a hotel would know to put a bride and groom in the best room? My sister inquired about switching rooms but they said they couldn’t do this.  Why again I don’t know it’s hard to get a straight answer from this staff. So frustrating!

I was extremely upset when I saw my mother walking around with 3 other guests at the resort and a butler.  I asked what room she was in and she said she wasn’t sure they just told her to go with this guy.  I might add that she walks with a cane, and has a bad back and was 20 minutes into a tour.  I asked the man what room she was in and he didn’t even have her name down.  I asked why he told her to go with him?  He didn’t know….  We had to bring her back to the lobby and go through the whole waiting game again.  I know they say not to take it personally, but I was mortified at the terrible service and chaos that the front desk was creating for my guests.  To make matters worse I stayed with my mother until she was brought to her ocean view suite.  She was traveling with my godmother and they were supposed to have 2 double beds.  When we went in the room it was a king and then a small cot.  I again was annoyed stating she had a reservation for 2 double beds…. they said they would switch her room asap.  My mother told me to go get ready and she would be fine.  She never told during the trip as she knew about all the other mistakes and didn’t want to add to my stress, but the resort never switched her room! She asked again the next day and it was never changed so her and my godmother alternated sleeping on a small cot.  To think you’re paying almost $5,000 for a room and they have you on a cot.  So disappointing and unprofessional!

Now dinner was set to be at 6:30 at the main buffet.  I was informed that there was no private rehearsal dinners unless it was done off resort.  This was fine with me, but when I had asked former brides they all stated they requested to be put on the side, or back of restaurants and it worked out great.  I of course requested this as we had a few speeches, and wanted to have a little area to ourselves.  I was told absolutely we could have a side area or back of the restaurant.  As we walk into the restaurant they went to seat us at 2 long tables in the smack middle of the restaurant.  I immediately said this must be a mistake we are to be seated in the back or side.  Also there was no one else in those areas so I really didn’t know what the problem was.  This again was a mess; they needed to call the manager who needed to call my WC who then sent down another WC as she was tied up.  The new WC said you were told you can’t have a private dinner.  I continued to acknowledge that I knew this but was told I could have the side or back.  I said I would go get my emails that I printed that state this.  The manager finally explained that it would take 20 minutes or so to set up a new table and they already set those up.  My sister and brother were outraged by the service and said they would set up the new tables if that was the issue.  Finally after talking with people for a good ½ hour they agreed to move us to the back.  We ended up starting the rehearsal dinner at 7:30 an hour late.  This would have been fine however the dinner was only for the wedding party and guests (40 people) our other 60 guests were meeting us for a private welcome drinks at 8:30.  Due to the late start of the dinner we had to push that back and somehow get the memo out to everyone.  All again was a hassle.  The dinner ended up being great after all the errors by the staff.  Everyone loved the food, we did our speeches and the wait staff brought over a cake for 3 birthdays in the group.   Again the wait staff was phenomenal!

We went on to having our private welcoming drinks party in the upper lobby ballroom this was great! Again the wait and bar staff were fabulous and took care of our group.  It is really too bad that the front desk, and WC staff didn’t have the same mentality and work ethic as the wait staff.  They aim to please, and treat guests with respect and prioritize their needs as you are on vacation and that is how it should be!  As a nurse and my husband being a cop we know how to take care of people and it was just mind blowing how unprofessional the staff is here. 

Sunday we got to enjoy the beach and the pools.   Both of these are beautiful great sands, awesome chairs, and wonderful wait staff at the beach and pool bars.  We had a blast! Went to the beach barbecue which was awesome everyone was enjoying themselves!  Highly recommend doing this so fun!

Monday was the wedding, which what a surprise was filled with chaos thanks to the staff at Majestic Elegance.  I had Anna Nuet coming to do all the bridesmaid and my makeup.  I was also getting my hair done by her but the bridesmaids were going to the salon for this.  Let me preface but saying that I told my WC ahead of time that I booked Anna, I reminded her at our meeting and I told the front desk at check in.  The morning of she was due to arrive at 830.  I called the front desk at 8 to remind them she was coming.  I talked to 4 different people before they understood what I was saying as they “didn’t know who she was”.  She has done hundreds of weddings there.  I figured this was the end of that…When Anna arrived the front desk gave her a hard time saying that I booked a different makeup artist and wouldn’t allow her on.  They had to call me and confirm which I was upset about as this was the 5th reminder.  Needless to say it caused her to be late to start.  Again just another frustration to kick off the day.  Anna is amazing! She was so calm and sweet! She did the best job on everyone’s make up and was extremely helpful to me as situations arose with the ME staff.  Truly worth paying the fee to have her come!

The day continued- my girls went to the salon for hair and what a surprise issues there.  They were late to start and I had booked appointments months before for all 9 of them.  Around noon my sister was getting her hair done and another bride and bridal party came down for their hair appts.  The salon had double booked them.  I guess the other bride was upset- rightfully so.  However they asked my sister and other bridesmaids to get up mid appointment so they could start on them.  My sister didn’t want to be rude to the other group but reminded the salon that we needed to be ready for pictures at 2.  This caused an issue so they had my sister get up to start the other group but continued on my other bridesmaid.  My sister my Maid of Honor was down the salon for about 2 ½ hours which I think all brides know you need your MOH on your big day.  She was beyond frustrated it was just very inappropriate.  Again making my bridesmaids late for my day.

Next up- flowers.  My dress was ivory I asked for ivory flowers the bouquet that came to my room was light brown I started laughing when they asked if they were ok.  My friend who is a designer and florist spoke to them and said she would handle it; they came back up with half ivory and half light brown again.  The flowers looked dead and they seemed annoyed that I didn’t want them.  Again I said off white flowers they had to take 3 florists up to the room with my friend to get it right.  So annoying.

Speaking of flowers, I had ordered a $50 hair flower from etsy prior to the wedding to wear on the day of.  I gave it to my WC with my dress to have it steamed.  When my dress came to the room, my flower was not with it.  They sent people to look for it.  Instead of saying we will find it, they just kept telling me that it was in the bag with my dress.  Again so irritated I said it wasn’t and they kept telling me that it was.  If it was in there and I had it I would have worn it.  I researched hair flowers for months and that was the perfect one to match my dress and it was not there.  They lost my hair flower.

Again I tried to keep my cool until we got the call that there was a chance of rain for the day and they strongly suggested I moved everything inside.  I was doing a beach gazebo ceremony and private dinner on the beach.  I really didn’t mind moving the reception inside because at that point I was just so over complications.  So I agreed to do the reception outside, however I knew that I did not travel all this way to get married inside so I really wanted the ceremony outside.  My godfather was doing the ceremony and it was only 15 minutes I said if it rains it rains oh well.  They were very upset with this and kept stating that I should do it inside.  I found this rude as it was my wedding and I had already had no problem moving the reception in but really wanted the ceremony outside.  Again after some attitude they said fine.  I also saw the inside ballroom for about 2 minutes the day of, I was not too familiar with it.  My WC kept asking me questions including calls to the room on specifics.  I was frustrated by this as I thought as a WC you figure that stuff out…she asked about the dance floor and if I wanted that inside the ballroom.  I was annoyed as I didn’t know and I thought that’s why I had a WC aren’t they supposed to let you know if you need one or not?

My photographer Jamie Dimitry was another godsend that day.  He helped with lots of the chaos and errors, and guided me on what to do.   We did our first look and when I saw my fiancé I had never been so happy and figured ok the worst is over let’s enjoy this special day.  We did our pics for a few hours and I went back to my room at 415 the ceremony was at 5.  A golf cart would be there for me at 450.  Around 440 staff called my room to see if the ceremony was at 5 or 530.  Who does that? It was at 5.  The golf cart didn’t show at 450 so we started to walk….at 5 it picked us up so the ceremony started late.  The ceremony was beautiful! The reception was beautiful.  Everyone raved about the food and the cake it was wonderful!   My one issue with the reception was that his 85 year old grandmothers wheelchair was taken away by staff and the golf cart that was supposed to take my mom home never showed.  Fortunately DJ Mannia who was awesome gave my mother a ride home.  

If you have older guests or ones with walking issues I would not suggest this resort it is so big and they do not accommodate them.

So all in all I would strongly recommend outside vendors-  Anna, Jamie, DJ Mannia as they were really the only people helpful that day.  My bridesmaids and family helped put out all the fires! I have been in over a dozen weddings and know the number one rule is to not stress out the bride on her day and not to ask her questions- they don’t know this here. 

We were allowed a meeting with the WC and her boss.  They were kind but the damage was already done.  We were told that the management staff would talk to us about all the room issues and service issues.  This never happened; I found this so rude as people who work in customer service it is important to at least talk to people.  It would have been nice if they had reached out to us to apologize but nothing was done, very upsetting.

I might add that my fiancé and I never had a butler.  We checked in on a Friday on Wednesday a man showed to our door apologizing that we did not have one.  Again was floored that they just didn’t give us one.  You would think a hotel would accommodate the bride and groom who just gave their resort 100 people for a week.  It was just such terrible service.

I will say that the restaurants were all great! We loved the Japanese and the steak house.  The place itself was very clean.  The views and beaches were phenomenal and the wait staff everywhere was great.  We had a great time because we had each other to help deal with the chaos however I would strongly recommend to not get married here.  If you are going to travel here know that there are huge language barriers and that 5 minutes means an hour.  All of this I could have handled if it was a vacation but the poor service, delays and errors for a wedding at a “5 star resort” is deplorable. 


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