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Ivan Luckie

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By misscuppycake, · 627 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Stunning Photos, Truly a talented photographer, Quick e-mail/Facebook responses
Cons: Takes a long time to return photos after the wedding

We originally chose Ivan Luckie because his prices were very reasonable and his pictures seemed professional and aesthetically pleasing. I will say two things about Ivan: He takes a LONG time to return the pictures (more than 7 months for us) but...it's totally worth the wait because he also takes AMAZING pictures. Honestly, if I'd just gotten it into my head that the pictures weren't going to come back for a while, I would've stopped worrying about a particular deadline and just happily awaited my gorgeous photos.


He is a whiz with the camera and doesn't even appear to need heavy editing to make the pictures look stunning and attractive. I definitely reccommend doing a "Trash the Dress" session (or some sort of extra photo session on top of the wedding) because those are our favourite pictures out of the whole package. There is so much thought put into each pose and he plays with colour and lighting in an almost magical way. Another "pro" to using Ivan was that he was very quick with e-mail/Facebook responses. He is always online in some form or manner so you don't need to worry about him disappearing for weeks at a time. He will answer questions and doesn't even get mad if you pester him.


The final photo link that he gives his customers offers an online gallery (with photos that are ideal for uploading to social media) and print files. It is user friendly and divided into logical categories. I cannot stress enough that this man is passionate about what he does and although he may seem a little scatterbrained sometimes with timing and organization, it is only because he is a true artist and photographer who cares about the final product. I LOVE my photos and that's all that matters to me now.


thanks Candice!! I appreciate the feed back!


Regarding return time frame, I was analyzing to increase prices 2-3 times so I can do 2-3 times less weddings and I can use that free time to deliver in less time but instead I am only going to take 8 hours weddings, same price, so people can afford and they can have a better delivery time same amazing pictures!


Thanks again I had a blast on every wedding, every time I document a wedding, the story catch my heart I some of me stays in those people who.



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Thanks for taking the time for this review! We're using Ivan in July and reading such rave reviews only makes us more excited!

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