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Awesome wedding photos
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Ivan Luckie


By MELAUER, · 423 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Pricing, response and vision
Cons: 7 month wait for photos (totally worth the wait but it is long)

As soon as we decided to have a destination I began researching photographers. The wedding photography was one of the most important parts of my wedding, after marrying my perfect husband of course. I spent an incredible amount of time scouring the internet for photographers in my price range. I had hoped to book Del Sol but they were soo expensive that I could not justify it. I found three photographers whose work and artistic vision impressed me. I then spent weeks looking at reviews and really digging to ensure that they were reputable. My biggest fear was booking and prepaying for a service that could be scam.  After reaching out to all three it quickly became clear that Ivan Luckie was my top choice. I could not believe how affordable his pricing was after seeing all of his work.  He could easily charge the rates that Del Sol quotes but I am so happy that he doesn't!  He responded immediately to all of my e-mails and I even expressed my concerns about paying over the internet.  He was great to work with. The day came and he arrived in time with his assistant. He was professional and easy to get along with. We booked him for 5 hours to cover getting ready, the ceremony and the reception and we scheduled a TTD for two days after the wedding.  The candid photos are the best of 500+ photos we got. He captured the emotion of the day brilliantly.  I could not be happier with the results and would without a doubt hire him again and recommend him to friends. 


If I am honest I have a few things to recommend for improvement. We waited 7 months for our photos which is advised in the contract. We got our about two weeks (working days) later.  It was a long wait but  I am so happy with the work that this frustration was immediately forgotten. I would say that the "staged" family and bridal party photos were not the best because we were facing he sun and most of these shots have one or more of us had squinty eyes. A few shots that I had high hopes for did not turn out great but It is because me and my husband were a little uncomfortable. I would recommend knowing what shots you want and practice before hand. If you have the chance to work with your photographer before the wedding day to get to know each other better and feel more comfortable please do.  This is more difficult with destination weddings though.  The last thing I would say is that I had expect a TTD at a cent location. We had discussed in email before hand but the day of the wedding we were told it was a beach TTD because the cenote location was hours away.  This is clearly a miscommunication but if you are looking for a cent TTD I would clarify this expectation.  Our TTD was great. We went to two locations and our pictures are amazing,  It is a great story to tell friends and family too!


If you are thinking about using Ivan Luckie for your wedding you will not be disappointed! 


Thank you Ivan for amazing photos that we will cherish forever!!



Thank you Melissa! I appreciate the review and feedback!


Delivery time is solved with a price increment so I can have more time and can have the pictures in a more acceptable time, It is a hard decision because not many people are willing to spend more money but I am sure It will work out!


The family and bridal party were taken that way according the wedding timeline and the only way we have to get the beautiful beach as a background, otherwise no beach :(


Thank you again!

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