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Riveria Maya Corridor
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NOW Jade Riviera Cancun

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By TIAN2014love, · 1,853 Views · 4 Comments

Pros: Great location, different receptions, beautiful weddings, amazing coordinator
Cons: No discounts, hidden fees and no way to switch things on your package.

I am going to try to keep this review short as possible. 


Communication is the best with Now Jade. Even when trying to figure out resorts I found them to reply quickly and efficiently, answering our questions. We had Ariadna throughout the process and she was just lovely. 

The resort itself is very nice. We got upgraded to an ocean view room in building 1 which is where I wanted to be. It is a building in a great location. The beach is nice even though it is rocky. Mexico doesn’t have the nicest beach in general so don’t expect too much. The resort is small and we liked that since we were having so many family and friends arrive. In the end, I am glad we chose a smaller resort.


We chose the pergola for ceremony and bamboo room for reception. Out of the two weeks my husband and i were there the only day it rained was our wedding day. If it is going to happen, it will happen. Don’t stress and enjoy your day. I did.

But here is where I loved the service. We had to have our ceremony and cocktail hour location moved because it was pouring down right before our ceremony was scheduled to start. Ariadna offered the lobby which my husband went out to see and hated. We saw the fountain location a few days back while walking around the resort. That’s what my husband requested. I was still getting ready so i couldn’t go out to choose. Ariadna first said the location was too small for our crowd but after my husband insisted, she agreed to have our ceremony there. We were delayed by half an hour since they needed to set up.

Everything was beautifully done. Everything i had told Ariadna was there down to the flower pedals. She was there with us the whole day. If something was lacking she’d sneak in and fix it. The staff and Ariadna did a great job setting up everything from the ceremony to cocktail hour to our reception.


The rain stopped shortly after our ceremony which was great since we got to take photos on the beach. Love that it rained because the beach was empty when we were taking photos. One bonus. Also, the sky looked absolutely beautiful after the rain. Photos turned out amazing!


We hired Take it Photo for our photography and we just LOVED them. The resort photos are not the quality we were looking for.

Although the video package they offered in our Divine package was nice. Didn’t have to do anything for that the guy was just there. We didn’t extend our video package.


The food was great, all of our guests loved it. The cake we had was delicious. It was all white...didn’t eat much of it but from what I remember it was great.


One thing I would have to complain about is that this resort has SOOO many weddings. At least 2 a day and on a busy day, 5. They don’t offer any discounts or freebies. Bring everything. My husband saw the hanging lanterns one night when we were there at someone else’s wedding and he wanted them. For 10 lanterns it cost us $100! I could have bought each lantern for 2 bucks at home. They have so many weddings that you’re just another one, so they don’t care. I brought most things but wish I had brought more. Also, the wedding ends at 9pm which is ridiculous. To extend it, every hour costs $1000 USD. Yes, you read correctly. How crazy is that? So we just kept it until 9 and partied on afterwards at a different place.


They don't try to butter you up with discounts or promotions because they simply don't care. They have you once you put down your deposit and honestly, for what you are paying you do end up with an unforgettable wedding. Yes, it's a lot of money and not really worth the amount you are paying but this is a wedding after all. It is the same everywhere in the world. 


All in all- I would do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe a little differently next time but I would do it again. Don’t worry about a thing. The beauty about this resort is that they know how to throw a wedding. You’ll be paying for it but at least you know they know how to do it properly. So many of our guests said that our wedding was the best wedding they have been to and a few of our friends are actually thinking about throwing a destination wedding now (since they had so much fun at ours).

Do your research. Pick the resort that is right for you and have fun. HAVE FUN! Enjoy your day. That’s the most important thing. It’ll be gone in a flash.


Thank you for that review! I'm slowly coming around to the possibility of having a wedding a Mexico and this review made me want to check out the resort!!!

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Thanks for your review! I am getting married May 23, 2015 and was wondering about decorations. We are also in the bamboo room. So you would bring paper lanterns to hang inside the room?

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Also, was there a vendor fee for the photographer? Or just the day pass fee? Thank you!

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