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great service, great price!
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Florieria Jardin - Garden Florists

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By Akiyo, · 649 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: very accommodating to our request!
Cons: none
we ordered centerpieces for the table since they are about 20~30% less than what the resort was offering and i feel like they had better arrangements.  we looked at other places but they had the best taste and i highly recommend them!!  they were located few blocks away from the venue, they are not affiliated so if you want them to come and set up the resort will charge you $350 for outside vendor fee so we had them deliver to the hotel lobby and had family pick them up to avoid fee. we send some samples we found online elsewhere and ask for the quote and they made a sample when we went 3 days before the wedding so we could see it before hand and it was beautiful!! oh, and free delivery!


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