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A dream come true!
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Del Sol Photography

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By ErinLynJosephian, · 814 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Great communication, awesome staff, artistic images, amazing time!
Cons: this shouldn't even be an option, there is no cons!

Several years ago I decided to become a professional photographer in my hometown in Pennsylvania. I personally need to credit that accomplishment to Del Sol Photography. I was sitting in class one day, exploring my hobby of photography at the time looking for some sort of inspiration. I eventually googled Trash the Dress Photography. I saw many images; wedding dresses being dragged though mud, paint smeared dresses, even wedding gowns set on fire, but there was one image that stuck out to me. It was a bride who was merged under the water in her gown. I was mesmerized by this and traced the image back to Del Sol Photography. From there on out I was set in my ways that I was going to have trash the dress photos taken by Del Sol. Whoever married me was in for a surprise. :) 


Shortly after our engagement I reminded my now husband of this passion I had of how we are getting trash the dress photos taken meaning we are honeymooning in Mexico. I contacted Del Sol, who was quick to respond to all my questions and needs and we booked our session right away! I was so excited!! 


The day of our session seems like a dream, because as you can imagine, being a photographer and finally meeting the team that inspired me to make it a career choice was like meeting a celebrity. They were just as I had imagined they would be. They were friendly, kind, and super awesome! 


My husband will tell you, he wasn't thrilled at first, didn't understand my need for such images, and he did not enjoy having to lace up my corset gown. At the end of the day, he didn't want to leave. Loved it and fully understands now why I was so determined to do this. 


Matt kept the day light and fun with his easy-going personality. Deborah was excellent and would get excited when she got her perfect shot, which of course made us happy and excited! Both are seriously so great and very talented! Their helper, (if I'm spelling this right) Jorge, was great! He was easy to talk to and helpful throughout the day.


The magic was there in our cenote shoot and it's portrayed in our images. They are beyond perfect and what I could have hopped for. Being a photographer myself, I tend to be picky and notice flaws. I edit every photo someone takes of me it seems. The color balance isn't right, or there is something in the frame that is bugging me and needs removed. I do it to everything. Del Sol is the only photographer who will NOT have me ever touch one of their images. There is nothing to correct. It's all perfect and right on point. These images are sexy, powerful, vivid, artistic, and composed with excellence. I have zero complaints, I'm beyond thrilled with them! 


As a photographer, and a past bride, I'd say do it! Trash your wedding dress, get those gorgeous shots you know you want and deserve, because seriously, who is going to wear your dress again? No one that's who. Del Sol is the one and ONLY team you should go for to have your photos taken! They will be your best decision. 


Do me a huge favor and check out our blog. See our images. My hubby and I had a blast and these images are hanging all over our house! We LOVE THEM!! 


They say when you build something up to be incredible that normally when that thing happens or you meet that idol you're disappointed. I'd say my experience was the opposite of that expression. 


Our blog >>>>>> http://delsolphotography.com/riviera-maya-cenote-trash-the-dress-eb-11132014/<<<<<Our blog 

1 Comment


Wow, thank you so much for this review!!! We are thrilled you love your photos as much as we do, definitely going into our "FAVES!" file! You are a gem and we are truly touched by your words. We send you big hugs and lwishes for an incredible future with your husband and in your photography. GRACIAS!!

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