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Audio Cancun - Cancun and the Mayan Riviera

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By LisaAnthonyPoppy, · 780 Views · 1 Comment

From the very beginning we knew just how important music would be at our wedding. It was also very important that we only hire vendors that are down to Earth, are approachable. Lastly the price was important.

Happy to say Audio Cancun has fulfilled all of needs thus far. As soon as I emailed Alex, the owner he promptly replied. And I'm talking the same day. He was courteous and gave us a great rate!
He has always been organized and very easy to get in touch with.
He he never been pushy and has been very patient waiting for deposit.

Something to note, I came across a negative comment about Audio Cancun, I asked Alex about it. What was so nice is that he responded, like usual the same day, addressed my concerns head on, with honesty. He assured he would take care of everything and I feel he has,

Our wedding is about 7 months away and I couldn't wait that long to write a review. If your values are similar to mine with regards to your wedding contact Audio Cancun. He will take great care of you!

It's been a pleasure to hire them.


1 Comment

I have been trying to figure out how to review Audio on here for some time now that our wedding is complete. I think I have already reviewed them I can not again.

As I mentioned above communication and accommodating are 2 of Alex and Rodrigo strong points. You want an honest caring DJ these are your guys. I had picked our a very special ceremony place list . I had a very specific precessional as well. Alex made a suggestion that I let them handle my ceremony music and didn't try to make an extra buck off of me. He genuinely wanted to help me and he took care of the whole thing. Class act. THEY KILLED IT! Timing was like perfect, seriously perfect. He knew exactly what I was looking for. I was open about our reception music but gave him some idea, he was great. As soon as dinner was wrapping up, for me at least (could not eat) I jumped on the dance floor and instantly the DJ began playing Uptown Funk, needless to say I was breaking it down. So good to get rid of butterflies. I even had my late 60's step mother waving her arms in the air and singing " I don't care, I love it." song.:) Extremely friendly people. Just good people overall. If you want to hire not only a great DJ Service but someone you are proud to give your money to, Audio Cancun is it. The LED dance floor made the wedding reception space defined and just more energetic. Highly recommend saving and splurging on the LED dance floor. Its a welcoming area to dance, Oh and the cold fire works we added last minute! Such a surprise. Now go book them!!!

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