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Amazing place for a wedding
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Golden Clouds Villa Estate, Jamaica

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By TerryW, · 749 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Resort take-over experience, private, beautiful gardens, great food, gorgeous rooms

We got married at Golden Clouds in August and I don’t even know where to start with how amazing this place is.  It is a legendary villa, and the walls have pictures of celebrities who have stayed there, and we can certainly see why.  The staff have a wonderful way of making everyone feel like royalty. There are 10 staff at the villa they were all extremely professional and incredibly flexible to all our needs. They really do their absolute best to make sure you have nothing to worry about on your vacation. They made sure everyone was happy and fed and having an amazing time. The only problem I had as a nervous bride was remembering to relax and not worry mon, we were in great hands.


The pictures on the Golden Clouds website are everything they claim to be, the grounds were well cared for by a team of gardeners, and the gardens, pools and beach are absolutely stunning.  The villa was very spacious and the bedrooms are wonderful.  Everyone commented on how comfortable their rooms were.  There was plenty of space for all 50 of us to congregate. The villa is more like a resort hotel with lots of terraces, seating areas, and large gathering places.  Not all of our guests stayed at Golden Clouds and some stayed at a nearby hotel.  The hotel was fine, but the real vacation and partying all took place at the villa.


As for the wedding, they made it easy, just what we were hoping for. Someone said brides aren't supposed to enjoy their wedding, well, they must not have been married at Golden Clouds, because I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is impossible not to enjoy your wedding if you get married at this magical place.  We had an onsite wedding planner who is an expert at what she does, and she paid attention to every detail.  Most of the pre-planning was done through the wedding planner by telephone and e-mail.  She worked within our budget and provided a wedding day that far exceeded our expectations.  The best part was that I really didn’t have to worry about anything.  She took care of all the details from the wedding cake to the minister to the DJ.  The flowers were gorgeous and the wedding ceremony and reception were truly wonderful.


Much can be said about the villa's physical amenities, but what truly made our trip so special was the staff, and the fantastic meals of course.  I cannot say enough about what an amazing villa this is.  We can't wait to come back to Golden Clouds for our anniversary


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