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Horrible experience. - DO NOT USE
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Tropical Pictures

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By BrandonandMariana, · 616 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Knew the resort and where to take photos. Punctual for the wedding.
Cons: Inflexible policies, overworked photographers, inferior product, monopolized pricinig, photographer missed key moments

Tropical Picutures was hands down the WORST part of our destination wedding.  We were married at Barcelo Bavaro Beach / Palace Deluxe and Tropical Pictures is the exclusive photographer of the resort.  They do no offer or allow you to use any other photographer.  Tropical Pictures is well aware of this and their attitude, pricing, and finished product reflect this.  I would discourage anyone from getting married at the Barcelo Bavaro property in order to avoid this photography company.  Here is the quick list of issues that we had with them:

  • When booking our wedding in the Spring of 2013, they could only provide us with a 2012 pricing list.  When we actually were married in the summer of 2014, their price list went up by a minmum of 25% and they removed many offerings from the package, including providing a single printed picture. (for your reference, we settled on the Gold Package and received a CD with 250 pictures).
  • Prior to arrival, Tropical Pictures refused to discuss any services that were not part of their standard packages, even for an extra cost.
  • The package that we purchased included 8 hours of photography, however upon arrival we learned that this meant "up to 8 hours" (even though it wasn't printed this way).  They imposed hard stops at different portions of the wedding.  While we asked them to photograph from 3PM to 11PM (8 hours), we were informed that they would only photograph the reception for 3 hours, stopping at 10PM.  They refused to negotiate staying longer.  On the day of the wedding, our reception begain 30 minutes late, and yet they still left promptly at 9:50
  • During our initial meeting with Tropical Pictures, we expressed our concern over their policies and the additional requests we had in addition to their package.  We were told that this is the way that it is, with no exceptions.  When we asked what other options we had, we were met with an apathetic shrug of the shoulders as they knew they we were not allowed to use anyone else.
  • Our photographer missed key events of the wedding such as the mother of the bride walking down the isle and proper photos during the first dance
  • Tropical Pictures clearly overworks their photographers.  Our photographer was on 3 hours sleep due to editing another wedding's photos the entire night before.
  • Tropical Pictures required 72 hours to edit and touch up the photos after the wedding and then we would choose the 250 pictures that we wanted to keep.  They were not ready after the 72 hours even though we were leaving the next day. 
  • Our photographer promised to complete specific touch ups that we requested at the time we selected the photos.  These touch ups were not done.
  • After choosing our 250 pictures, if we wanted more, each individual photo after 250 was sold at a 20% premium compared to the initial package. 


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