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The perfect photographer for your amazing destination wedding photos
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Ivan Luckie

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By AaronAdams, · 442 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Impeccable use of light. A true passion for photography. Finally = RESULTS
Cons: NONE

From the Groom perspective:


Absolutely love Ivan as a person and a photographer.  He makes the whole process easy and comfortable.  His communication is first rate.  He responds very quickly to email requests.  Some as quick as a minute.  His response time definitely helped my wife feel comfortable that the picture part of the destination wedding was taken care of. 


Why Ivan on the photography side?  First and foremost:  RESULTS!!!!  His passion for photography and his impeccable use of natural light are what attracted us to him.  You can see in eyes and behavior that everytime he pushes the camera button he is trying to achieve the best shot he has ever taken.  Our wedding photos are not only amazing but perfect.  We owe him a big THANK YOU for capturing a point in our lives that we can remember forever.


Trash the Dress:  I talked my wife into the Trash the Dress part.  Why?  The photos are simply amazing.  My wife didn't want to trash the dress and wear it to the back home reception (Can you relate?). Her dress did have about 5 lbs of sand, green marks, rock marks, and so on upon our return to the USA.


The solution - BRIDAL KARE.  For around a 100.00 USD which includes shipping to and from, your dress can be completely saved.  Everyone thought we bought her another dress and were amazed how it turned out.  I would say that it was 99.9% restored.  That is all they do.  Simply amazing!!!!!


So Brides go for the gold and do Trash the Dress.  You will have a great time and be a little exhausted but the payoff is totally worth it!!!


Side bar:  You most likely become friends with a great man and his team.  Thanks again, IVAN!!!


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