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Can't recommend MTM enough!
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Moments That Matter Photography

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By GregWood, · 654 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Customer service, friendly, professional, amazing final product.
Cons: None

My wife and I found MTM photography online while searching for a photographer to shoot our wedding at the Grand Palladium resort. I was immediately impressed with his work and my wife quickly became “obsessed” with the TTD cenote photos. My wife was set on two things, her dress and MTM photography, everything else to do with the wedding was negotiable. Lincoln was very professional and courteous from initial questions to choosing packages and services and taking payment. He was accommodating and held a very high level of customer service the entire time.


The day of the wedding Lincoln and his assistant Alfredo were fantastic to work with, they were fun, witty, exciting and made the whole photography session a breeze. They made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. There are so many other things on your mind the day of your wedding and it was great having Lincoln and Alfredo there to work there magic without any direction from anyone, they took all the photos as discussed weeks in advance without any need for further direction.


The morning after the wedding we were to meet Lincoln and Alfredo at 9am to head to the cenote for our TTD photo shoot. My wife and I were tired and hung-over and had slept in. When Lincoln called from the front desk at 9:30 my wife was still getting her hair and make up done. Lincoln said “No problem we will wait for you guys at the front lobby.” On the ride to the cenote Lincoln and Alfredo joked around with us and made us feel like friends. It was a relief once again to just have things go smoothly.


The cenote shoot was absolutely breathtaking, the scenery, the morning light, the warm fresh water (Which helped the hang over) what an amazing place to spend your first morning as a married couple. It was like something out of a fairy tale. We spent close to three hours there basking in the morning light posing for Lincoln and Alfredo, kissing and being in love. Just perfect.


Lincoln and Alfredo worked hard that morning in and out of the water with multiple camera's and lighting rig's. They shot us from every possible angle and had us swimming under water together and swinging off of ropes and we were laughing the whole time.


We chatted on the way back to the hotel and Lincoln informed us our edited photos would be about 6 weeks delivery time and he ended up having them done about two weeks early. I know from doing some amateur photography the hours and hours that go into editing these types of photos so this was much appreciated.


I can't thank Lincoln and Alfredo enough for how amazing our pictures turned out. My wife and I were beside ourselves with joy when our pictures came back. We both had tears in our eye's watching the slide shows and we received literally hundreds of compliments on the photo's we uploaded to facebook. We plan to get a few of the photos blown up and framed for our wall but we literally can't decide yet which ones to get blown up because we count dozens of them as our favourites.


Out of all the purchases we made for our wedding the one we are happiest with is choosing MTM photography to shoot our wedding. The entire process from initial enquiry to delivery of the photos went off without a hitch and the final product will be on our wall for the rest of our lives and eventually become family heirlooms.


Can't recommend Moments that Matter Photography enough!

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Thank you again so much Greg & Stephanie! It was a wedding to remember and one of the best Cenote shoots I can remember. Finally... naturals under water! haha


Here are links to your Wedding: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152529108049487.1073741902.18683524486&type=3




and Trash the Dress Session:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152534016294487.1073741903.18683524486&type=3



Best of luck with everything and you music career!!!!

Lincoln Lehmann

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