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By Lrsm86, · 428 Views · 1 Comment

Fine Art Studio is an amazing photography company. They were very responsive and flexible from start to finish. The photos are great, the quality is excellent. We also did a trash the dress session, the photos are amazing we love them.  They are well priced, given the services we received (wedding and TTD). Some other companies were well above our budget and that was ONLY for the wedding coverage. We were very excited when we found FAS and they did not disappoint.


I gave a 4.5 in value because we unfortunately did not get some of the formal portraits we requested. Before the wedding Lisa, the studio manager, will send a questionnaire that asks several questions, one being which formal portraits would you like. We marked off maybe 7 options, we received all but maybe 3 of them. No bride and groom with bridesmaids only, no bride and groom with groomsmen only, neither of these were a big deal, we got one with the entire wedding party and we're happy with that. Also, no bride (alone) with bridesmaids, which wouldn't be that bad except we DID get the groom alone with groomsmen. So  now the album has a page of cool posed photos of them, and I have nothing comparable to add of me and the bridesmaids. Finally, and probably the most disappointing to me, would be that we only got one "formal" photo of the bride and groom. I put formal in quotations because we're not facing the camera (we're kissing) and we're holding champagne glasses. Both of our mothers have asked for a formal photo from the wedding to hang on their walls and unfortunately, we don't have one to give them... (This photo also happens to be one of my favorites, however I would love to have an actual formal photo). Luckily we did a TTD session, so we have several photos of just the two of us (not formal and not on our wedding day, but we're grateful to have them).


FAS has been exceptionally understanding. They've answered my every question and concern. They provided us with way more photos than our package called for! If I had to do it all over again, I would choose them again, the photo quality is just stellar and they captured all important moments! Everyone who has seen the photos so far, loves them! The TTD session was fun, they guided as to what to do (and what not to do), and the photos came out great! They gave us exactly what we were looking for in wedding photos, creativity and great quality. 

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