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Amazing Photographer--Claudia Rodriguez
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ClaudiaPhoto Wedding Photography

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By sal3782, · 610 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Wants to capture the best...a true artist! :)
Cons: Nothing!!!!!

As we near our second wedding anniversary in our new house I'm excited to be purchasing our wedding photos, FINALLY, because I have somewhere to put the OUTSTANDING moments that Claudia captured to help us remember truly one of the best days of our lives.


 We had an amazing and unforgettable wedding at Xcaret Ecological Park at sunset.  I didn't want to see my husband prior to our Catholic ceremony and Claudia worked with us and new that pictures to capture the unforgettable moments were of utmost important to us!  She was able to schedule a day after the ceremony to come back to the park and work with us for a few hours.  I know ladies, this may seem like a pain, but, I didn't want to see my husband and was so grateful she was able to accommodate our request!~


We took pictures with our bridal party prior to the ceremony and Claudia did a great job of leading us around the park to capture the natural beauty of where we were at.  When I wanted to take a few pictures in areas that were closed she did what she could to make sure it happened:) and truly made it special.  She listened and captured what meant the most to us. Claudia did an excellent job of trying to get us to take real pictures in the moment and not just posing.  

o is more like it!  I was devastated and thought that was it we were out of luck our photo shoot was over.  Without hesitation, Claudia said she would come to our hotel, which was beautiful, and we would finish our time there.  She said we captured many beautiful pictures at Xcaret and that we could take different ones with the ocean and the grounds at our hotel.  This was so reassuring!!!  Yes, it was not ideal to spend another day on my hair and make up and getting dressed but how many people get to say they wore their full dress three times! :)  Thinking positive!  Not only did she come to the hotel and take amazing pictures, some of my favorites; when I mentioned a spot at the hotel I wanted to go to and we were already out of time...she did not hesitate and took us to the spot on wanted past our allotted time frame.  She is an incredible person in general and amazing photographer!  I hope to be back to Mexico with our daughter that we will be welcoming to the world in August and utilize her for some family photos in the future.  Claudia, thank you for helping capture the best moments of our life.  I truly love looking at our photos and remembering the magic of the day.  God Bless! :)  Stephanie Miles


I'm sorry, i must have deleted a sentence after the third paragraph on accident and it won't let me fix it! Here is what it should read....


"On the day of our photo shoot after the wedding, within just a short time it started to rain...no downpour is more like it!"


Again, my apologies.

Stephanie Miles

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I forgot to add that Claudia saved the day in the bridal suite! My sash fell off my dress and none of the moms or "adults" were present yet to help fix it...this happened moments before I had to put on my dress. I thought I was going to pass out. She fixed it and you would have never known anything was wrong. She saved the day! :) Thanks Claudia, again!


Stephanie Miles

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