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Take it from a Toronto party girl - they are the best.
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By AnnaWong, · 869 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Really understands your taste in music with a few examples. Very professional. Great dance floor and set-up. Replies to e-mails very quickly.
Cons: None.

I have NOTHING but amazing things to say about Disco Movil.  Ricardo was the DJ at my wedding on May 6, 2014 at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe and he was everything I hoped for, but even better.  They brought their largest light-up dance floor - perfect size for my wedding party of 87 guests.  The guests raved about how gorgeous the dance floor looked on the beach for my reception... he used the perfect lighting for our first dance, created such a romantic moment.  For our grand entrance, I told Ricardo which song to use, but didn't give him details on how to mix it - but he did it perfectly.... cut the chorus to begin at just the right moment as we entered, and fired the fireworks... read my mind, but did even better!!! Ricardo was my MC and was always on the ball, perfectly clear, and kept the night moving.  He played classic slow songs during dinner (even inspired my friends to do a group sing-along) and amazing dance music when we started to dance.  I am pretty detail oriented - I gave him a list of songs I wanted played (their application on their website for you to create your own playlist is amazing), probably a couple hours worth.... he played them all, and then COMPLETELY understood my taste in music... ran with it, for all the other dinner and dance song choices he added in, and it was all perfect. 


My friends are party animals, we go out to clubs a lot in Toronto, we party in Vegas and Miami, we love our EDM and I honestly wasn't sure if music would be the same in Mexico.  But from the minute we opened up the dance floor at 9 pm until 1 am... THE FLOOR WAS NEVER EMPTY.  Even the parents came to dance!  My friends usually attack the bar, but most of the night the bar looked empty... (partly bc the waiters were bringing the liquor in squirt bottles to the dance floor), but mainly because every time we tried to leave for drinks, another amazing song would come on!  All week after the wedding everyone was raving about the music, they were wondering if I stole the DJ from our favourite club in Toronto... he cut the songs at just the right lengths, gaged how we were feeling, slowed the songs down to end the night with the best choice of songs.... Ricardo, I honestly cant thank you enough.  I wish I had more time to tell you how awesome you were and I'm glad I have the opportunity to do it here... my only regret is that because I was so busy dancing I didn't get to take a photo with you!  Oh and my friends all have the same complaint the next day - their knees hurt from dancing so much.  So thank you so much Ricardo and your team.... I really can't thank you enough.  These guys are not your typical wedding DJ's - they are the real deal. 


This is awesome news!!! Thanks for sharing we have booked Disco Movil for our wedding in April 2015. I can see we will have no regrets as we are huge EDM fans as well. Thanks for sharing!

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Congrats!! You guys will love him! Maybe be sure to give him some playlist ideas so he knows what you are into, but he has pretty much all of the recent songs and the ones he didn't he got for me when I sent him my requests a couple weeks before the wedding :)

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