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Buyer Beware
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Lovestruck Films

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By jamaica2013yyz, · 631 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Had great potential
Cons: Unprofessional, makes excuses, hasn't delivered product

Notice how all the positive reviews stopped over a year ago, I guess that's when they decided to stop being professional. I visited this forum many times and read the reviews for lovestruck (and our resort) over and over, I don't typically post reviews but I thought that I should share my experience...


We hired Andrew Waite (Owner of Lovestruck Films/HDM) in June of 2012 for our wedding in June of 2013. After multiple exchanges we did get our trailer over due by 2 months. This is a direct quote from Andrew "it normally takes us about 14-18 weeks to complete a main feature, I feel confident I can do it in about 4." (this e-mail was sent in July of 2013). We lost all contact with Andrew since the last time he replied to our e-mail in November 2013. Andrew and his filming partner had failed to respond to multiple attempts at communication (social media, e-mail and phone calls) since then. We spent a small fortune on Lovestruck Films/HDM to produce a video for our wedding but so far what we got is a 2 minute trailer and some "Thank You DVD's" (the DVD's were promised by August 8th and arrived in late November). According to Andrew's estimate we should have had our final film by the end of November of 2013 but instead all we got is the silent treat and the most unprofessional misconduct in exchange for our hard earned money.


You have been warned,


Buyer beware


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