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The Best Decision We Made!
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Del Sol Photography

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By jbascetta209, · 997 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: they care...TRULY!!
Cons: nothing!

We were looking to capture moments in our wedding, not just images. Debora and Diego were AMAZING! Our wedding ceremony and reception was at Xcaret... a truly magical place and a "once in a lifetime" experience for us and our guests. Even our guests said, "Your wedding was the most beautiful I've ever been to... and your photographers! OMG!" ... And they hadn't even seen the pictures yet! Debora was truly a wonderful and talented woman, and went out of her way for us to make us comfortable. We wanted these photos to be spectacular, however, we are not supermodels and have never taken ourselves very seriously. Debora and crew had a way of bringing it out of us, and the results were truly beautiful. (Totally nothing to do with the photos, but this just stood out to me more than anything).. we have a 3yr old son who has a sensitivity to dairy. We asked Debora where we could get some organic almond or coconut milk (not the kind you make piña coladas with...cuz they had that at the hotel lol). She let us know of a store nearby that should have it, but the next morning, she had come and left three different varieties of milks at our hotel's front desk...(and a couple chocolates for us newlyweds) Photographers don't have to go out of their way to help us...and Debora was just a cut above the rest. I would recommend them a million times over to anyone. They're the best! ... And not to brag, but we've got the most amazing wedding pics I've ever seen.


I wanted 5 stars!!! The value of these talented photographers are more than excellent! I did not review before I posted...that's my fault :/

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@jbascetta209 Thank you SO much for being so amazing and for this lovely review! We had so much fun meeting you both and your whole family, good times had by all! Big hugs amiga!

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