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A picture is worth MORE than a thousand words [when it's shot by Shenko]!
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Genya & Erik - Shenko Photography

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By JennyBenz, · 434 Views · 1 Comment

Cons: None!

Mike and I were married at Azul Sensatori in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, on May 18, 2013.

One of our biggest decisions was picking the right photographer. We love contemporary photography, and capturing the raw emotions and natural movement was very important to us. We didn't want a cookie-cutter photo album, one that's all poses & looking directly at the camera. After a very long search, someone referred us to Genya & Erik, Shenko Photography, and we knew right away they were the right choice. Their portfolio speaks for itself, showcasing beautiful landscapes, amazing silhouettes, and breathtaking under water photos. With the very first email to them, I knew they "got it"! I hardly said more than a few words to them about what we were looking for, and it seemed like they knew exactly what we wanted.

They arrived early the day of the wedding to take some "getting ready" shots at the spa. They seemed to be so far from us, that some girls didn't even realize they were there! Sometimes, photographers are too "in your face" which gets annoying- Genya & Erik were NOT at all this way! They followed us back to my room to get ready, and Erik went to visit the guys. While getting ready and walking over to the ceremony area, Genya was right there taking whatever shots she could. She hardly ever directed me to do something, which was perfect! She also helped me in saying a few words to calm me a bit from those pre-wedding butterflies I was getting! One moment from the ceremony itself that I clearly remember was one of my favorite shots they took from the day. Mike & I were walking down the aisle together, and we saw Erik laying on the floor ahead. We did a little heel click jump at the end of the aisle [it's something my husband loves to do when he's excited] and later I saw Erik caught the image of us midair!!! I was SO blown away by every little moment that most of our guests didn't even notice. Throughout the night, we'd see Genya & Erik here and there, but not once were they "in the way". They made the few pictures we took that were posed not look posed at all. We are truly amazed at their talent, and how well they work together. For a minute, I remember watching them shoot, and you can tell they have the same amount of passion for each other as they do for their photography.

We also booked a TTD [trash the dress] shoot with them a few days later in a local cenote. They picked us up from the hotel very early, to catch the best morning sunrise. On the way, Genya told us to be prepared as the cenote water is usually cold. When she realized I'm not one for cold water, she was sweet enough to pick up hot chocolate for me! We really got to know them that day, and we had a great time shooting and talking! So, underwater posing is hard if you've never done it. But of course, Mike was a natural, posing like a pro under water. Me on the other hand, I couldn't figure out how to stay underwater and pose! Genya & Erik were very patient and helped me every step of the way, which helped me a ton!! Because of that, we had some amazing shots! Our friends & family cannot believe the pictures we showed them- it stunned them that we were really underwater!

With all this said, Mike & I cannot stop talking about Shenko! Every time we plan to go back to Mexico, I know we will be in touch to do some type of shoot, because we love their work that much. And to top it all off, they are two of the nicest people ever!!

I highly recommend booking with Shenko, you won't be disappointed!!


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Forgot to add some pictures!! Here are a few... For some reason I can't upload images unless there's a link :(

When I figure out how I'll add more!





















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