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WBA Photo & Video - Punta Cana

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By ErinSM, · 806 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Talented, friendly and punctual.
Cons: None

I want to let you know how lucky you are to have such an amazingly talented artist on your staff, Nicolas Bisogni.

He photographed my wedding day and the morning after on the beach. I cannot stop looking at these photographs. He has something very special. The ability to capture love, beauty, emotion and make it into a story. Everyone on the staff at Iberostar made a beautiful wedding for us, but because of Nicolas this very special and intimate day was captured in a way I only thought I could dream. He worked very quickly and hard to have all of the photo’s, books, cd’s to us before we left only two days after the wedding. I told him to relax and just get them to us on Tuesday morning before we leave that day. He insisted that he have them to us by Monday, which was the day after the beach photo shoot. He wanted to give them to us early in case there was something we weren’t pleased with, he would have enough time to fix. He always arrived promptly on time, called exactly when he said he would, followed through on every detail delivering beauty and art in a timely, professional way. He is kind to costumers, I can tell and feel that he has much passion for people and for the photography he does. Honestly, you are very lucky to have such an amazing employee on your hands. Someone like him does not come along everyday…..he is special. Thank you Nicolas Bisogni for capturing the beauty and love on our special day. We are forever grateful.


Erin Carey…..now, Erin Schmulevich


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