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Dominican Republic
Superb Caribbean Choice For The Perfect Destination Wedding
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Paradisus Punta Cana Resort All Inclusive

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By AudreyLichfield, · 1,289 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Lovely resort, excellent co-ordinator, food is very good
Cons: beach can be too busy for wedding photographs, laid back attitude can be slightly nerve wracking

We had heard and read about how lovely this resort is and the ability to book it through Reservation Scanner at a huge discount, so we did that (saving us 70% off tarrif). Our wedding co-ordinator did appear to be in control as appeared to be the case from reading her emails and initial chat on Skype however I felt that she was lacking urgency on some points, in typical Caribbean fashion. For example we wanted to see exactly how the lawn layout would look like as early as possible to allow us to bring our own touches but this ended up being all very last minute which was worrying however we did manage to get the images taken from previous weddings just in time.

The beach does become rather busy and the sand is very hot underfoot so best to arrange this part after 5pm at least, it's difficult for guys to look cool wearing a shirt and jacket in those sorts of temperatures.

If your budget stretches to the lobster main option then it's definately worth arranging as they cook fabulous lobsters at PPC. Our co-ordinator did eventually come up with the goods and we were delighted in the end but she did need to be cajoled a little.

Photographer was OK, not the best as there are a few flaws with the backgrounds in too many photos however we did still manage to get 21 nice photos for our memories.


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