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DJ Mannia Great Experience for My Wedding
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Mannia Cancun - Punta Cana Professional DJ Services

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By Hfrench, · 442 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Played most songs requested, played great songs during dinner based on the genre I said I liked.
Cons: The only con was that a few songs on my playlist were not played. Most were, though!

I had a great experience with DJ Mannia at my wedding (November 1, 2013) at the Excellence Riviera Cancun resort. I provided the playlist in advance via email and they played the majority of the songs I requested. They had all the correct songs playing for the "important stuff" (i.e. first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, cake cutting, etc.). They played a few songs that I didn't request, probably because they didn't have some of the ones that I asked for. They were fine, though...all good songs for dancing. I had several guests comment to me on how awesome the music selection was that was playing during dinner, and they selected these songs themselves based on the genre I told them I was looking for. All-in-all a great service and I would recommend them to anyone for their event!

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Hi brides,

I just had a wedding in Punta Cana on May 8, 2014 at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe. It was an amazing wedding, but the only downside was the DJ company I used. I used Dj Mannia because of the great things I've heard about them thru forums.

HOWEVER, I have to let other brides know about my negative experience because for $1,300 US I was very disappointed at the company and wished I had gone with a different DJ/MC service.

FIrst of all, the people who I had e-mail correspondence with did not tell me that the DJ is also the MC. I still went ahead with it because of all the positive reviews on this forum.

The people I had e-mail correspondence with named Amy and Carlos Martinez did not give my DJ/MC the music file for our FIRST DANCE (we did a medley of songs), so I sent my mp3 file ahead of time, so that they can download our music. They also did not send German my wedding day timeline that I had e-mailed days ahead.

I was VERY DISAPPOINTED at this company, and would not recommend this company because they made the DJ/MC so unprepared for my wedding and it basically delayed everything by AT LEAST 15 minutes because the DJ/MC came up to us at the beginning of the wedding and asked for our first dance and I said "you didn't download it?" he said whoever I spoke with did not give it to him. Luckily, I had the song downloaded on my iPhone, so he attached it on the dock.

Then, he was going over the dj questionnaire about introductions, and I was thinking the whole time, how can our MC seem like he doesn't know the flow of our wedding? I asked him about the timeline and he said he did not receive that either. I have proof of all my e-mails and I have proof of sent e-mails on my yahoo account.

The DJ/MC himself, German, was very nice and pleasant, but the fact that the company made him look unprofessional and unprepared was very disappointing. I had to come up to him each time to explain what's next on the timeline. I am in no means a bridezilla because I accommodate everything and yes, I still had fun at my wedding and so did our guests because luckily we are all laid-back people.

But if you want an organized wedding reception or if you are a perfectionist or simply want a good flow of things without you being stressed, do not get DJ Mannia services. I may be a rare case, but I did not know nor expect that DJ Mannia will mess up my wedding reception until they did it to me. So for $1,300 I could've gotten a better DJ and MC service. Not a good surprise.

Also, that youtube video or any youtube videos is definitely not like the DJ they sent. They play off your playlist as if you are playing music off your computer or iPhone. Poor transitioning and mixing. The youtube videos are misleading. You think you'd get a quality dj like the ones you hear at clubs or radio, but it isn't.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND DJ MANNIA unfortunately this was my experience with them. Goodluck brides!

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