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Truly amazing and artistic photos! And the photographers are respectful, professional, talented, and creative! Brings tears to our eyes!
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FineArt Studio Photography

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By SuzannaC, · 596 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Artistic photos capturing candid moments and emotion, as well as the incredible surroundings! Photographers are professional, talented, unobtrusive.

We had a truly amazing experience with these photographers! They are professional, courteous, respectful, and extremely talented and creative! We were looking for photographers that could be artistic and really capture the FEELING in every moment, as well as the incredible beauty of Tulum.  Fabrizio and Diego did that and so much more! The photos captured every emotion and every expression, which is why they continue to bring tears to our eyes every time we look at them! Even the posed photos were candid, showing people smiling, laughing, crying, looking at one another...they are so fluid you really do feel like you are there all over again.  That was exactly what we had been hoping for, as oppose to the predictable, boring, staged photos you often see.  These are pieces of art, and every time we look at them we are utterly moved.  Not only were Fabrizio and Diego able to capture the true emotion, but they were also able to capture the incredible scenery of Tulum--the ocean, the beach, the palms, the clouds, the sunset...they were extremely creative when thinking of where and how to "stage" our various photo shoots.  They even thought to pull us off the dance floor for a final round of shots under the moonlight--ah-mazing!!!! They really brought the magic of the day to film and for that we are forever grateful!!! Thank you Fine Art Studio!!!! Here are just a few of the hundreds of album-worthy photos!




1 Comment

Suzanna & Dave,We are delighted at your amazing feedback! Thank you so much one more time for choosing Fine Art Studio Photography and for your words!!!We had lots of fun with you and are honored to have been part of your big day!Muchas Gracias y Suerte con todo!The FineArt Studio Photography Team

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