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Riveria Maya Corridor
Azul Sensatori 6/25/13 Wedding Review
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Azul Sensatori Hotel By Karisma All Inclusive

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By bubblez, · 1,759 Views · 7 Comments

Pros: Resort staff, service, food
Cons: The beach. Wedding department lost my cake topper. Wished the resort was better organized

Wedding Date: June 25, 2013

Resort: Azul Sensatori

Group size: 29 adults, 5 children (ranging from 6 months to 6 years old)

Wedding Coordinator: Janet, Antonio

Ceremony: Zocalo Beach

Reception: Plaza Zavas


My fiancé and I chose Azul Sensatori base on recommendation by our travel agent.  She has been to the resort numerous times and according to her it was one of the best she has visited.  We do not regret our choice at all.  It was, in fact, one of best resort we have stayed in.  All our family and friends cannot wait to go back.


Day 1: Sunday


We traveled from Vancouver on Sunwing to Cancun.  On the plane, Sunwing has an overhead compartment reserved for wedding dresses so my dress was able to lay flat.  There was another bride on the flight and both of our dresses fit in the compartment perfectly.  When we arrived, we had no problems going through customs. Lomas was the company we used for transfer and because we had a large group, our travel agent set a private transfer from the airport to the resort.  So we had the whole bus to ourselves.


When we arrived at the resort, we were given tags for our bags so they know which bags belong to which room.  The staff was quite prompt with that process.  We were then led to the Roof Garden Lounge for a private check-in.  The staff there handed us all cold towels, champagne and passed around trays of bite sized food for us.  For the children, they had chocolate milkshakes.  As we checked in, we were told that we have all been upgraded to the Premium Section of the resort and we all had free access to wifi on the resort.  That was a great perk because our whole group was able to stay in touch for the entire week by whatsapp.  The only problem with the upgrade was not everyone was able to stay in the premium section even though we all up the upgrade because they didn’t have enough rooms in the building.


After we were assigned our rooms, our group scattered to different restaurants to eat.  Our family went to Sienna, the Italian restaurant.  Food was delicious.  I had the mushroom risotto and it was absolutely fabulous. 


After dinner we all headed down Zocalo Beach where we had a private s’mores party and handed out welcome bags that our bridesmaid and groomsmen assembled for us.  We did this instead of a dinner because we thought it would be less formal and more fun for everyone.  The bonfire itself wasn’t very big.  It was just a small little fire pit.  The staff had a table set up with an assortment of fruit and marshmallow.  We also had dedicated bar staff for drinks.  Everyone at the bonfire had such a great time.  A great first night. If you have the budget, I would definitely suggest thinking about having this as an ice breaker for everyone to get acquainted.


Day 2: Monday


Today was a chore day for me and my fiancé.  I had a hair trial appointment at noon.  I forgot the lady’s name but she did a fabulous job.  I found a few pictures online and she was able to replicate it.  The only issue I had was they put too much hairspray in my hair.  My whole head was stiff.  After the hair appointment, we met up with the Lomas Representatives (Janet and Antonio) at wedding department.  They printed a copy of the detail sheet and we went over each item one by one.  This meeting is where you would make any last minute changes.  Our colours were white and purple.  They brought several different shades of purple for us to choose to make sure we had the right shade for the wedding.  We also dropped off a bag of decorations for them to set up for us.  We bought lights to wrap around the pillars, a signing book, cake topper and some menu cards.  Since we didn’t have too many requests for the wedding, our meeting took less than an hour. 


The rest of the night, we hung out with our friends and family at the premium pool and had dinner at Zavaz the Caribbean Restaurant with just family.   In my opinion, lunch there was better than dinner at that restaurant.


After dinner, my fiancé went to hang out with his friends while I went to bed early because the next day was the big day!


Day 3: Tuesday


Bright and early, all my bridesmaids and I went to the spa to get our hair done at the salon.  After we were done at the salon, we all went back to my room to get our make-up done and get dressed.  The guys were in their grooms room chillin’ with food and drinks.


Forecast for the day was 30% chance of shower.  Janet came asking if we wanted to move our wedding inside.  We said no and signed papers to keep our wedding outdoors. We then did a first look before the ceremony at 3pm.  Ceremony was at 4pm. At 3:45pm Janet came back and led me, my bm’s and my dad to Zocalo beach. She was with us every step of the way.  It was a beautiful location with a slight breeze.  After the ceremony we were all promptly served champagne.  We then dispersed to do our own thing.  The guests went to chill at a bar.  The bridal party continued to take pictures.


Our reception was at Zavas Plaza. We had the BBQ buffet and everything was absolutely delicious. We had a vegetarian guest and she was served cannoli. She said it was delicious as well.   The only complaint I have would be that the food was taken away too fast. My husband and I never had the chance for a second round at the buffet.  But we thought that it was because we were walking around talking to guest that we didn’t have time to eat.  We found out the day after the wedding, that most of our guest did not eat a second round and some did not even have a chance to eat dessert at the dessert table.  If you are having a BBQ buffet, mention to the coordinators at the wedding department to make sure you have ample amount of time for you and your guest to enjoy the food.  After all, you had to pay extra for it.  During the dinner, Janet and Antonio came by to check on how things were.  We told them that everything was great except that they lost our cake topper.  It was gift from one of our guest and now it’s forever lost in Mexico. =(


Our DJ for the evening was DJ All Music and he did an amazing job. Everyone had an absolutely amazing time.  At about 10ish (sorry, that day I did not have much sense of time, everything went by so fast) we finished up.  Some of our guest went to the bar and some of us head back to the room. My husband and I went back to our room and it was beautifully decorated and the hot tub was filled with bubbles all ready for us to jump in.  It was an incredibly amazing day which I would never forget.


Day 4:


We had our breakfast in bed (came with our wedding package) delivered at 9am.  We then went to the wedding department to fill out a review.  Your destination wedding travel agent (if you have one) will receive a copy of this.


Most of our friends went on an excursion so my husband and I went to take more pictures of us in our wedding wardrobe and had our TTD session. 


We were there for another 3 day before we needed to fly back for our other wedding at home. Everyone loved the resort so much, we all want to go back.


Hope I didn’t bore any of you brides with my review.  I wanted to make sure that you can all imagine what the resort and the day of the wedding will be like.


Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.




Your wedding sounds fantastic. Mine is June 2014 and we have made most of the same choices except we are having the ceremony on the Sky Terrace. Your pictures are beautiful. Who did you use as the photographer? We are considering Caribe Photo but are undecided. Also, how many lanterns did you bring for Plaza Zavas? I wish you much happiness in your marriage.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jenny,


We flew our photographer with us.  He's from Vancouver Island in Canada.  If you like our pictures and if you are willing to fly him out, he is available for travel. You can contact him at http://jonmarkphoto.com/.  We brought about 26 lanterns in an assortment of sizes in 3 different colours.


Thank you for your well wishes and I hope you have the wedding of your dreams.


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