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Great Decision: Yazmin was like my fairy godmother !!!
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Yazmin De La Mora Weddings and Catering

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By AdrianaCS, · 213 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Great attention to details, constant communication, very patience,

Yazmin was in charge of the coordination of our wedding and we are able to said that it was a great decision.
We are a Colombian/Mexican couple who lives in Canada, and we researched a lot in internet, looking to find some one in who we could trust: Yazmin and her crew totally fulfilled our expectations.
We decided to have a destination wedding, and we did it at Playa del Carmen. We searched in internet a lot, I got tons of quotes and most of them, promises to fulfill all our desires; but, from all the offers that we got, "Yazmin de la Mora" was the best option we found. I felt in love with the details in her gatherings, And from all the quotes, she was the only one, who gave us more that 2 detailed options to choose from.
After we contact her, she sent to us the best ideas from the location to all the details, this was very important for me: it made it easier to take decisions.
It is important to mention that we communicate all the time on distance; she is really patience and nice: my husband (at that time my fiancé), had difficulty understanding that some details can not be established since the beginning, and some days she helped me a lot to be tolerant with my "groomzillo"
We only had one meeting with Yazmin 1 week before our wedding, and when I meet her in person, I felt like I had known her a long time ago.
At the wedding day, we woke up an went to the beach, had a nice morning with our family without ANY concern about the reception or any other detail: this was great !!!! During the wedding, we did not worry about anything, she was like my like my fairy godmother.





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