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Ocean Photo Studio

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By kristindacey, · 287 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They ruined my wedding photos, they ruined my wedding video

I could not believe it when I got my wedding photos.  It seemed like Carlos knew what he was doing, but you couldn't see family members in my small family pictures (two of my uncles and cousin were hidden in one).  Come on - it is the photographer's job to make sure you can see everyone in a 8-person photo.  The photos on the beach were blurry.  The photos during the cocktail and reception were horrible.  I don't know how else to describe them.  Everyone I have shown them to could not believe how bad they were and had never seen professional wedding photos so bad.  They are dark (some camera setting must have been off).  At 5pm when it was light and sunny, the pictures look pitch black with shadows.  We compared countless photos taken by friends on iphones and they are 100x better than the expensive professional ones we paid for.  We are covered in shadows.  I cried when I saw them and cry every time I look at them.


The video is even worse.  They cut out my maid of honor's speech and the speech of my husband's sister.  They used someone else's music and even at that edited very poorly.  The sound quality is aweful.  A 4-year old could have done a better job.  


They have offered me no sort of reimbusement whatsoever and we have been fighting with them since May.  Playacar has done nothing to help even though they recommended them.


DO NOT use them.  


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