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Amazing photographers and great company!
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FineArt Studio Photography

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By toniron, · 443 Views · 3 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: None
AWe selected Fine art studios after months of researching photographers. We selected them because of their quality of work, the office manager's responsiveness, and finally the price. They were beyond professional, on time, knew what they were doing, prepared, provided great posing instructions, and were so nice! I can't say enough good things about them. My wedding photos were important to me and I have no regrets with hiring Fine art studios. We also booked a trash the dress session and it was more fun than our excursions. They were so much fun and it was an honor to get to spend two of the most important days of my life with them. My husband and I liked them so much we're coming back next year for boudoir photos. As for people who have complained about how long it took to get their photos back, their time line is the same for most photographers. I have friends who have had local weddings and it took months for them o get their final pictures. I understand wanting the finished work fast but they are professionals and aren't going to give you photos until their work is done and the pictures look amazing. Also, I was given great instructions for posing the entire time. Don't listen to anything negative, this company is amazing. I would recommend fine art studios to anyone getting married. Toni


Hi Toni this is great to hear I too have fine art for my wedding in may next year and Lisa is a star!!! Glad it all went well hope the pics are as amazing as I imagine them to be.

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Leighleigh77, you will have a great time with these photographers. They will make you feel like a star and will capture every moment. Lisa is amazing! Good luck with your upcoming wedding. Don't stress about be photographers because you selected the best!


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First of all, Toni & Ron, we can't thank you enough for these beautiful words!!! This is just really amazing and such a big pleasure to read and share it with everyone in the studio. We love our work, we try to please and make every single client happy. Every client is different, but these words give us more and more energy to keep up and go on with our work, the way we did until now, the way we do and will in the future...You guys really rocked and it was lots of fun and it will be our big pleasure to welcome you again back in Mexico next year for some more fun and new ideas! So collect them and let me know.

Thank you Toni and Leigh for the really nice words :) - big hug Lisa - Studio Manager - FineArt Studio Photography


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