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Juan Navarro is a true professional, artist, and all-around GREAT guy!
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Pros: Easy to work with, responsive, FUN, unique
Cons: Nada!

My husband and I were married at the Ocean Coral & Turquesa Resort in Puerto Morelos Mexico, and we hired Juan and his crew to shoot a trash the dress session in a Cenote in Tulum - by far some of the best money we have spent!!!



The planning process itself with Juan was great - he and his team are very responsive and organized - we emailed back and forth about details and question/concerns that I had and anything that I needed to know was answered in a timely and professional manner.  


Initially, I was hesitant to spend the money on Trash the Dress photos versus actual wedding day photography, but what a great decision it was.  Wedding day photography is also super important, BUT, when it comes time to display and share photos, trash the dress photos, especially underwater, are SO unique and artistic - the perfect addition to ANY wall in your home.


The day of the shoot, Juan and his assistant picked us up right at our resort, right on time as planned.  They drove us to grab necessary supplies - beer and chocolate (what's not to like about that combo?) and we headed to the photoshoot location.  They set up for a bit while we were free to roam around the property - when I say these cenotes are cool, that is a HUGE understatement - the property looks like something out of a movie - gorgeous sights to be seen !!!


Once they were prepped and ready, we changed into our wedding clothes and got in the water.  Juan is SO fun to work with, his easy going attitude and fun personality make you instantly relax and just have a great time.  The only thing I would recommend ahead of time is practicing a little with what to do with your facial expressions - our early photographs before we got under water looked a little stiff and uncomfortable - not Juan's fault - we just are not accustomed to having our photos taken without facing the camera and smiling ....


The water in the cenotes is CRYSTAL clear and just gorgeous (although a litttttle chilly - that's where the beer and chocolate come in handy to warm you up!)

The photos were so fun to take, I am not amazing at opening my eyes and nose underwater, but a few practice dunks under the water and it really is not that hard! The more you relax and forget the camera is there, the better your photos get.  


We had a blast taking the photos, and my adventure loving husband even borrowed some gear from the guys to explore the caves a little further - how nice is that?

After the shoot, we were brought back to our resort exhausted and still in awe of what a cool experience the whole thing was.  Upon returning home, we waited anxiously for Juan to fedex the photo disc over, which he did as promised.  Patience on this part people - there are hundreds of photos for him to edit and he does TONS of shoots, I can only imagine the time it must take to make all this happen.  We received the photos on a high res disc that we are free to use to create prints or online albums anytime we choose.  There are TONS of shots to choose from, but keep in mind, he gives you ALL the options and you are guaranteed to not love them all - its not every day that you see yourself underwater :)


This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience that I would recommend to any and everyone getting married in this area.  You won't regret it! 
PS - my dress really wasn't even that 'trashed'!! i think walking around at my reception caused it more damage than anything else!  I hung it on my balcony after the photoshoot to dry out and managed to bring it home no problem, and its really not in bad shape at all!


Feel free to message me with any questions/concerns @ ecj5429@gmail.com


Elyse & Mike Inzinga


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