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Simply amazing!
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Katya Nova Photography

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By lsustef, · 678 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything! Professional, fun, genuine! Stunning pictures.
Cons: Nothing at all! I will repeat what another said....we can't hang out with them all the time!

I have no words to express how my husband and I feel about our pictures from Katya and Rob.  Love does not even come close!  I have looked at them no less than 20 times and I cry just about every time!  I still can't believe it is us in these amazing pictures…..they look like they need to be in a fashion magazine! We will never be able to decide which our favorite is; the next one is always our favorite!  Katya and Rob are just as sweet, fun, and genuine in person as they present on the Internet, which is hard to come by these days when you are dealing with wedding vendors or anyone trying to sell you something.  They really took the time to get to know us separately and as a couple and it truly shows in our pictures. From the minute they came up to me at the spa getting my hair and make up done I felt like I was meeting an old friend. You can tell that this is more than just a job for them, it is a passion.  We had the best time with them taking pictures, hanging out, laughing and just generally having a great time!  It was really one of the highlights of our trip.  From the pre-wedding in our hotel room, the ceremony, post ceremony, and the sunrise Rock the Dress session we had a blast! You wouldn’t think taking pictures would be so much fun! We were so blessed to find each other and just as lucky to have them capture the start of our lives in such a beautiful way.  Big bonus is you get all of your pictures no matter what package you get, which is awesome. We had to meet with the resort photographer when we met with our wedding planner and had we booked with them we would have only got 50 pictures in the smallest package.  Not to mention that when we were taking our pictures after the ceremony with Katya and Rob we watched another wedding take place with resort photographers and they were done well before we were even halfway done.  Also, I highly recommend the Rock the Dress session.....it is so worth getting up early for.  The pictures are absolutely incredible! Plus the bubble bath session back at the hotel room, super cool and creative, I love them so much! My best advice to you is to book them immediately, you will not regret it!  They are worth every penny!


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