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Caribbean Emotions Photography - Dominican Republic

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By aduke1221, · 397 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: He took excellent pictures
Cons: Didn't get all of the promised pictures-- still haven't- they are lost

Michael came to the resort and was very professional. He took great pictures of us getting ready and of the wedding. He stayed until 10PM as promised. He contacted me the following day with picture suggestions to put in the wedding book. I approved and he came the day after to deliver. He showed us the book and the wedding video. After I got home, I realized that none of the "getting ready" pictures were included in the CD at all. The pictures were no where to be found. To make matters worse, there was only 1 picture of my mother and me from the entire night. There were tons in the "getting ready" pictures of my mom and me but only 1 in the others so I only ended up with 1 pictures of my mom and me on my special day. When I emailed and called Michael he said he would check on his computer but he was out of town. It took him 3 weeks until we finally called on another area code and he finally picked up because he didn't recognize the number. He said he would ship the pictures via FedEx the next day so that it would arrive in time for our at-home reception. It was never received or shipped. We emailed and called every day for the next week with no response via email or phone, even though we contacted him several times to check the status of shipment. We disputed the charges because we paid via PayPal using American Express (another side note- he only takes cash- DO NOT PAY IN CASH!). It has a month and 1/2 since the wedding day and we still have not received the pictures that were promised, even though they were promised to be shipped on numerous occassions. Although he took excellent pictures, he has not been professional afterwards. Even if he lost the pictures, I would appreciate a little professionalism, owning up to his mishap, and apologizing accordingly.

1 Comment

Awe that is too bad. I am really sorry this happened to you. I hope that all gets resolved soon, however, I know that the money will not be able to replace your pictures. Thanks for this warning. Was thinking about using them but now not so much.

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