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Caribbean Emotions Photography - Dominican Republic

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By BRIDETOBE2013, · 456 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: On time. professional beachy attire.
Cons: Money before professionalism. rush rush rush. Didn't capture all of the important part of a wedding.

When selecting Caribbean emotions I chose them more or less because they were the cheapest of all the photographers I found in Punta Cana (not a smart idea). Their videos on youtube and some of the pictures I was able to see from other brides were good enough and captured good moments, so we decided to book. The day of our wedding they captured only 2 pictures of our guests coming off the bus and the rest were of the reception and ceremony decor; I was very specific via email before the wedding that I wanted pictures capturing all of our family and friends (since the bride and groom really don't get to see or experience anything before the ceremony), it would have been nice to have those memories, but thankfully our family and friends captured those moments for us. Pastor Rick York was 1 hour late to our ceremony (we were NOT happy about that), so that put us back a bit (ceremony started at 7pm instead of 6pm). Once the ceremony began we saw the photographers snapping pictures in every direction, but once we got the photos we realized that they didn't get any pictures of my dress FULLY, it was really heartbreaking not to see, especially because as a bride you only put that dress on one time and you look forward to the day you can wear it. It would have been nice to capture my long veil and train. There was no close up photos of my father walking me down the isle all distant ones. After the ceremony, it was rush time! The sun was already gone, but who cares you make the best of it and still try to capture important and great photos of such a special day. My husband and I had to keep asking and directing the photographer in shoot different photos with our bridal party, family... Thankfully we squeezed those in. On your big day it's so hard to remember all the little details you for your big day, you have so much excitement built up, which is why you hire photographer and a wedding coordinator- they do the thinking for you on that day. Any who, the photographer didn't get ONE photo of my parents and I not even one with just one parent (again, I regret not thinking about it on that day, thankfully our family/friends captured some), in addition, there were maybe a handful of pictures of our guest. Photos of us (bride and groom) were rushed and taken in the same spot with okay poses; I wish we would have had a couple more- maybe on the sand or alone by the ceremony spot. Towards the end of there shirt they rushed us from the dance floor (oh and they took no pictures of my husband and I dancing) to cut the cake, so they can leave. I understand that it was not their fault the pastor was late, but if you have a passion for something you over exceed yourself to give the best service, especially on a big day like a wedding. I didn't even get a picture alone with my dress fully extended, its heartbreaking. We are now having a photographer in our area re-take some pictures. All and all, I regret not spending the money on hiring a more experience photographer who has passion and love in what they do. A successful business of this nature (or any) runs on pure customer service, a wedding is one of the most important times in a bride and grooms life. Good luck to all the new brides and I hope my overview will help the photographer better their business and capture all the beautiful moments in a bride and grooms day. 


Dear Rachelle, We are very sorry for your disturbance. We would really like to set the record straight of some aspects. First, we don't believe you chose Caribbean Emotions only for the price. Our work is highly noticeable and widely spreaded on Facebook, YouTube, our Website and at Best Destination Wedding as well, mainly because of the good quality and the devotion of each job done. Our wonderful reviews speak for ourselves in every way our valuable customers feel free to comment. Regarding our prices, they are not cheap at all. We just believe in fair, reasonable tariffs according to the world's reality nowadays and our deep desire to remain accesible to all the couples who choose Punta Cana for celebrating their weddings, but of course, it depends of every customers point of view.It is absolutely out of our hands that your Pastor was more than one hour late for the event. We asked you to do some pictures outside, but please remember you didn't want to leave your car due to the light rain. It is almost imposible to take pictures of you inside the car. In cases like this, normally the groom gets out of the car and waits with his family inside the Jelly Fish area, not inside the car. This way we can do pictures with the groom or the bride with the family members while waiting for the ceremony to start. But we didn't want to rush you or to put pressure on you to leave the car if you didn't want to. We lost that chance right there.

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Let's remember some highlights a little. After the Pastor arrived, you finally decided to get out of the car, but half-an-hour passed before the ceremony started. We definitely can't understand why you say we rush you guys. It was the exact same opposite. After your ceremony ended the sun was already gone, and this is priority #1 for us. We did first family pictures with you guys, and then pictures with your wedding party. After that we went up and did some pictures with the bride and the groom. We couldn't do more since the reception activities were close to start. Please check your pictures carefully because you do have pictures with your full dress, and you do have pictures with your mom & dad. We made sure we had these. One noticeable fact is normally we stay until 10:00 pm. For your wedding we stayed more and took the last picture at 11:00 pm because we have passion and deep love for our work. We truly believe in excellent customer service, in fulfilling our couples' dreams and desires on their most beautiful and special day because it is that, one day, one time. That's the reason why we stayed for one more hour, totally free. For doing just the very best for you guys! We honestly feel we really did our best at your wedding day despite the undesirable circumstances. Trust us when we say if we could have made it the most perfect one, we definitely would. We can't control everything or everyone, as much as we try to.We wish you a wonderful marriage.


Michael & Pascal

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