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Dominican Republic
Beautiful Wedding June 8 2013: Allie & Greg
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Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana All Inclusive

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By Allie6813, · 1,389 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Beautiful resort, Staff, Atmosphere
Cons: Problems at gate

Overall experience, my wedding was magical and everything I always wanted. Resort is beautiful and relaxing. If I could do it again I would in a heartbeat.

The wedding was everything I wanted. The resort is beautiful we had 30ppl. Everyone arrived on Thursday. I planned a happy hour at lobby bar then had dinner at Hibachi restaurant. They don’t do reservations its based on first come first serve. After that all younger guests went back to bar to party the night away. Took advantage of all-inclusive that night. Friday night was rehearsal dinner, which my WC made reservations for me at the Italian restaurant Portifino for 18ppl. We had to pay for bottle service, which was fine because we drink a lot of wine. Price was within reason given the amount of wine we went through that night.


We upgraded to preferred rooms. Food was good but glad we upgraded to preferred package because food in preferred area was better than world café and other restaurants for lunch but that’s a personal opinion. Preferred area also had free wifi and use of computers during office hours. You get a 15min free massage for choosing preferred which I used. Rooms in regular part of hotel were fine as well none of my guests complained about room. My room the AC wasn't blowing air cold enough we complained within 1/2 HR someone was there to fix it. There is dampness to rooms but that can’t be avoided due to high humidity there. We just turned our AC down to make it cooler.


Spa area very relaxing and staff was very helpful. I had trial run of hair on Friday with Bella who did an excellent job with trial and day of wedding. She didn’t speak much english but I had a photo of how I wanted my hair and that’s all she needed.  She also did my makeup but I brought my own since I figured they would not have MAC makeup. I didn't have time for makeup trial but day of wedding she did my makeup to perfection even put on my lashes. I had a massage, which was great Jenny was my massage therapist.

Ceremony was absolutely beautiful performed by Pastor Rick. My music for procession/recession was right on cue. People were standing around watching but from a distance, as WC made sure area was clear. So don’t worry about some guy in wearing a speedo in your wedding picture. My WC was Vanessa. We met on first day to review pre wedding checklist. At first through email she mentioned some things were not possible but once I got there all my requests were met. We had wedding ceremony rehearsal on Friday to go over where everyone would be and how things would go. We brought our own music for ceremony and it was played as asked. I had confetti for and asked for it to be placed in a certain way and she did it. My flowers white and were sprayed a light green to match my colors which was a recommendation by WC. All In all Vanessa did an excellent job. These ladies work really hard to make your dream come true.


We had Trio band play during cocktail hour, which everyone enjoyed. Dinner was good I had several people who had shellfish allergies and day of wedding she was able to get alternate dinners for them. Wedding cake was so good and decorated to my liking.


We used DJ Mannia Punta Cana who was GREAT!!!!! My hubby left our music but thank goodness he downloaded it to his phone.  Carlos plugged phone up to equipment and the party began. We didn't have music picked out for father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, bouquet & garter toss but Carlos picked great songs for all. White balloons, lights and bubbles were a big hit so we are glad we picked them. Carlos really did an excellent job with music while we ate dinner. If you pick them you will not be sorry.

I used HDC (charly and carlos were great) for photos/video, which are beautiful, as soon as figure out how to upload I will post them. I picked ultimate package with included 50pics and 30min of ceremony with Tropical Studios. They did a good job on photos but HDCs seem to have better quality. If I had to do it again I would've used HDC video for reception since Tropical Studio was already filming ceremony. Tropical studios had at least 3 cameramen so if you picked ultimate package think about using another videographer for your reception. I picked HDC because you get more for your money. If you pick them you will not be sorry trust me.



Make sure all your guests stay at hotel. I had six guests stay at another resort and every-time they came onto property there was a problem at gate. Some day’s 1/2 hr to 1hr wait, day of wedding they completely missed ceremony although a list was provided at gate with their names. Officers at gate don't speak english, which is a huge problem.


I'm thinking of having my wedding at Dreams Palm Beach. Did you use a travel agent/wedding planner or book directly through the resort? Thanks for the review.

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