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She helped me create the wedding of the Century!
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Yazmin De La Mora Weddings and Catering

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By aqsantos, · 127 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Always stayed in great communication!
Cons: Maybe helped us figure out a solution for the heat!

I had my wedding in Playa Del Carmen Mexico at Xcaret in June 10, 2012.

My wedding coordinator was Yazmin De La Mora. She was absolutely amazing. My husband and I initially started to work with another wedding coordinator in another company and found that we were not so happy with the way they would coordinate with the vendors and venues. When we found Yazmin and her staff, we knew right away that she was it. A big thing with destination weddings is that you are always worried that your going to be taken advantage of. Yazmin really took care of us and found us the best prices. Yazmin and Miriam were our wedding coordinating team and they took care of every thing we wished for. Whenever I was unhappy with one option Yazmin always provided me with another option. From every little detail, everything was taken care of. All I had to do was ask and she really helped make every wish come true. To be honest, I didnt have a clear idea of what exactly I wanted. I just knew what I did and did not like when I saw things. It was sometimes hard to envision how everything would come together if their was no pictures. Yazmin and Miriam would always send us photos of items and decoration ideas that they thought I may love. Yazmin helped provide me with ideas and things I never imagined I would want. She gets to know what you like, and your style and works with that in mind.

I would have to say my only regret was that my husband and I were not too aware of what the weather is like during certain times of the year, and in JUNE it was murderously hot.  My only wish was that we would have known ahead of time, and maybe been prepared with back up coolers / fans / AC units on standby.  This is hardly a complaint because no one can really predict the weather! Do you research, and your wedding will be sure to turn out spectacular regardless of the weather!  

I had an amazing wedding, and Yazmin helped bring everything together. Thank you Yazmin.


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