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Incredible.. Couldn't be happier!!
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Octavio Montes Photography

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By chicksmommy, · 547 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: AMAZING photographs, professionalism, extremely sweet, VERY AFFORDABLE pricing, easy-going & wonderful to work with.
Cons: None!

I don't even know where to start.. First of all, I apologize for doing this review so late (wedding was 10/18/12!) but life has just been crazy.. new job + new house = no time to write reviews online!  

Octavio was AMAZING.  I was nervous at first simply because his prices were so affordable.. but after seeing samples of his work and reading Tammy's review & seeing her great recommendation for him I decided he was the right choice.  I spoke with him a couple times prior to the wedding and he was sweet as can be.  I was flipping out about the weather (because it was hurricane season) and he called and talked to me about Cancun weather and it felt like I was talking to a friend.. he completely eased my mind about it all.  By the way, his English is great.  We had no language issues whatsoever.  

Fast forward to the wedding-  he got to the resort as I was getting my hair done and started taking pictures at the salon, then he left to go take pictures of my husband while he got ready.  He then came to the hotel room to take pictures of me getting ready, then we were off to the ceremony!  He was so professional and really stayed "out of the way" while getting amazing shots.. I honestly didn't even see him during the ceremony.. then when I went back and watched a video of the wedding I saw him running all over the place getting pictures, it was so weird!  After the ceremony we did all the family pictures and pictures of my husband and I.  Because of the time of day (5-6 pm) with the sun starting to set, he was having difficulty with shadows and HORRIBLY bright sun in our eyes.  He did a great job though, by looking through the photos you'd never know those issues existed.  

The next day we had our Trash The Dress session.. he came to the resort to pick us up, first he drove us to this place that was like a creek/river with all these big rocks and stuff, but we weren't crazy about it.. so we left and went to this spot on a public beach that he suggested.  It was absolutely PERFECT.  White sand, turquoise water, NOBODY in the water.  We saw a few people walk by, but they saw what we were doing and walked behind him.  No problems at all.  We had SO much fun.  He was hilarious.  He had me laughing so hard at times I had to stop, focus and try really hard not to laugh!  

Afterwards, we changed into dry clothes and he drove us back to the resort.  We went home and I patiently (er, IMPATIENTLY) waited for my pictures... he emailed me some "teaser" photos and I loved them!  I can't remember how long it take to get the disc, but I believe it was like a week and a half.  They were beautiful.  I couldn't be happier.  If I could go back in time, I wouldn't change a single thing about the photography.  He was incredible.  Perfect.  


I HIGHLY recommend Octavio Montes with all my heart!  








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