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Octavio Montes is AMAZING!
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Octavio Montes Photography

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By thisisnich, · 602 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Affordable-Prompt-Great Photos- Easy to Work With- Friendly/Fun-Hard Worker!
Cons: No Cons!


I was married at the Moon Palace back in January! I was very hesitant on using the hotel photography company because I wasn't impressed by any of the albums or prices I had seen. I started the search for a local photographer. I probably went through 20 and finally found Octavio! He was not only prompt in returning all of my emails, but had a very reasonable price with a good sized website of photos he had previously taken! Once I got to Cancun I was nervous that he would arrive on time and things would go smoothly. I heard from him via email before the wedding which totally eased my mind. He showed up early for my event set up his things and came to my room for photos! I was so impressed with how professional he was. He definitely exceeded my expectations!!! We had somewhat of a late night & things ran over, Octavio stayed longer and didn't even charge us more! The day of our TTD he picked us up in his own car from the Moon Palace. He brought his assistant and we went to two different locations. I felt safe the entire time & I was actually nervous to leave the property since I had heard a lot of stories about Cancun prior to our arrival! We were at the TTD pretty much all day. He made sure he got all the picture I had asked for plus more! He didn't once complain or make us feel rushed! He was prompt to send the final product to my home & actually sent some extra prints for me! I was so thrilled!!! I put them up in my house that day!! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better photographer!!! OCTAVIO IS AMAZING!!!


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