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Dream come true wedding!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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Julia Gonsecki

By Julia Gonsecki, · 1,805 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Staff and coordinator were extremely helpful and took care of every detail. The location was unbelievable!
Cons: Additional costs added up to be significant.


Overall I cannot say enough great things about our wedding at Las Caletas. When half of the guests at your wedding come to you and tell you that your wedding was the best wedding they have every been to, you know you have done something right. From the first time my husband and I step foot on the property we knew that it would be perfect. Our amazing coordinator, Dennise was in large to thank for the smooth execution of the  entire event, she was fantastic. Starting with the location, it is unbelievably gorgeous! Imagine- you are surrounded in a tropical forest! As long as the weather complies (which it did for us), you are in paradise! We got Married at Las Caletas December 30th 2012. I think the things that made our wedding fun was some of the added activities (fire dancers, sky lanterns and fireworks). The only thing I would caution was that with all of the added details we ended up going over our budget. But in general, if you were to have a wedding like this anywhere is the U.S. you would probably end us spending 5x more then we did. I will go into the details of the wedding but I do want to mention that this company prides themselves on customer satisfaction. All the vendors they work with are legitimate and extremely professional. At one point in our wedding planning, our coordinator, Dennise emailed me and told me that she must change our spanish trio band because she had a bad experience with them and she doesn't want to risk it happening at our wedding. She found us an alternative option for a band with was pricer but didn't charge us for it.Our wedding was fairly large. Our total party was 60 people. 7 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen (seriously!). All in all we couldn't be happier with our decision to get married at Las Caletas, it was more then anything we could have every dreamed up. The next day after our wedding we woke up and my husband asked me when we could do it all again. it was MAGICAL. If you have ever wanted a truly special, private and unique beach wedding, this is it! 
The Walkthrough
2 days before our wedding we did a walkthrough of the property with our coordinator, Dennise. Before the walkthrough we had never been to Las Caletas and only spoke to Dennise over email so we were a little concerned about getting everything finalized in a matter of a few hours. The day started with Denise meeting us at the Marine terminal and an hour boat ride to Las Caletas. Once we got there we sat down and went through the schedule and any questions we had. We then toured the property. This took about an hour and a half at which time we were done. To my surprise all of our questions were answered and I really felt at ease. The thing that is great about working with this company is that they do many weddings and know how to do them right. Any time I wasn't sure how to do something I asked dennise and she reccomended an option that worked in the past. I trusted them, and it was the right decision. For the rest of the day at las caletas, we just laid around the beach and ate an amazing lunch. it was a perfect and relaxing day right before our wedding. On our boat ride back we saw whales jumping out of the water, it was magical!
Corrdinator- Dennise
In working with Dennise over email, I wasnt sure how I would like her or get along in person. But as soon as I met her I loved her. She is one of those genuinely nice and sincere people! She was very calm, which relaxed me but at the same time she was focused and down to business. Also, when I had special requests she would do her best to make sure I got what I wanted. She definitely went above and beyond. It was such a pleasure to work with her! My entire wedding day, I didn't have to worry about anything. anytime I wanted something or had a question, Dennise would be right there to help. 
The Photographer- Eder
Amazing. Patient. Hardworking. Nice. Unbelievable pictures. He got to the bridal suite at 2 and didn't stop taking pictures until 1am when our boat got back to the marina. He was amazing. Our pictures are fantastic. Once I got them I just couldn't stop looking at them. They were just so beautiful. He had great ideas for posed shots but also took really good candid photos. He was open to our ideas on poses and took direction from my wedding party on their ideas as well. We also did a trash the dress with him and those were some of our favorite pictures. Not only were the pictures amazing but we had so much fun taking them. The only thing we didn't get to do that I wish we did was take a group picture with our entire wedding party. We didn't get to do any pictures with all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Its not entirely their fault because we had over 20 people in our bridal party so it was hard to get them together. If I could have done anything different it would have been to plan to take a group picture when it was still light out. Once the ceremony was over it was completely dark out so it was much harder to take pictures.
Video- Sandra
Very professional and nice. Video came out great. They finished the video within 2 months of the wedding which was great! What I liked best was they created a short 7 minute clip of the best parts of our wedding which was great to share with our guests. 
The Food
Delicious. I was worried and skeptical since its a buffet so i thought it would be like in an all inclusive resort but it was nothing like it. It was super fresh. Very flavorful and so many options! Our guests loved it. The food stayed out there throughout the night so our guests could graze on it. A lot of weddings I have been to I leave hungry, this was not the case at our wedding. We also asked to bring some food for the boat ride back and that worked out well. It was a bit messy but our guests were pretty drunk so they didn't care. 
Fire Dancers
One of the highlights of the night! Everyone was in awe. My husband and I were in the center of it all and it was so fun for us. The dancers came really close to us with the fire so I was pretty scared but I think thats all part of the act. It was a blast! A MUST at Las Caletas.
Lantern Release
I almost didn't do this, but I'm glad we did. This may have been our guests favorite thing of the night. Everyone couldn't stop raving about it. The pictures turned out well and it was so romantic.
The Flowers
My bouquet was gorgeous. I gave them a photo and it was exactly what I wanted. The table and ceremony arrangements were also just as I had requested. I think as long as you provide pictures they can do anything! My only complaint is that they took a long time to make the bridesmaids bouquets so we didn't have them for most of the pictures. This was annoying because we spend alot of money on them and they weren't ready. Otherwise, they were pretty.
I was probably most excited about the fireworks all night! I couldn't wait for them! It really was a magical way to end the night. Our guests couldn't believe we had fireworks at the end of our fairytale wedding. The only thing I would change was that we were too far from them. When they started the fireworks we were still so far out, it wasn't clear if they were for us or if it was a hotel doing it in the distance. They should have started the fireworks when we got closer. Towards the end of the fireworks the boat got closer to them but it was not timed very well. If you choose to do this, I would discuss this since its not a cheap option. Overall I would still do them but I would make sure it was timed better.
Unfortunately I don't remember his name but our hair/makeup artist was amazing! I wasn't sure how one man would do all of my bridesmaids in time but he was so fast and good! everyone was happy with their hair and makeup. It helped that we had pictures of what we wanted because his english wasn't all that great but it didn't really matter because he was just awesome. 
Thank Las Caletas for making our wedding dream come true! 











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