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December 2012 Wedding: Best Wedding Ever at Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton!!
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Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa All Inclusive

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By queena427, · 1,030 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Beautiful rooms, grounds, pool, great buffet
Cons: Some disconnect between the front desk and the wedding department

I had such a beautiful wedding and everyone who attended (over 50 people) and I would visit this resort again.  Some of the negative reviews commented on how large the resort was and all the walking.  It is a large resort but the walking paths allow you to cut through the resort and the walk is actually short even from the farthest rooms to the main area.  I was so worried before I went and almost changed the resort.  Thank GOD I didn't!  With over 50 guests, it was the perfect resort.  Plenty of room to do your own thing but at the same time, we would run into people from our wedding party all the time or tell everyone to meet at the pool.  SO MUCH FUN!!!  We also paid an extra $55 (I think) to have rose petals and chocolate covered fruit and champagne the night of our wedding.  The fruit was weird - chocolate covered apples?? LOL...but the champagne was great and the rose petals...OMG.  They started outside of our room and were spread all throughout the room, on the bed spelling 'I Love You', and in the jacuzzi (HUGE jacuzzi in the honeymoon suite) with bubbles.  Such a beautiful end to the night.  A breakdown of my experience below.


Food: A la cartes were not all that great except for Poseidon.  I tried Bubba's Steakhouse, the Italian restaurant, and Poseidon.  Poseidon was great, Bubba's was pretty good, and Italian sucked.  That's it because we ate at the Negril Buffet and the Sports Bar (for snacks) the rest of the time.  The Negril Buffet was so good!  Great Jamaican specialties including ackee some days, great omelettes for breakfast, and other non-Jamaican dishes. There were a ton of choices and they were really good.


Rooms:  So nice.  From the junior suites to the honeymoon suites...BEAUTIFUL and HUGE!!  My mom received a junior suite instead of a one bedroom suite (my travel agent's fault, not the resort's fault) and we didn't even notice until the second day because the junior suite was so big.  LOL.  I'm serious.  EVERYONE loved their rooms.  My grandparents' room did flood the first day but the hotel came and fixed everything and cleaned up quickly and there were no more issues.  Some of the junior suites did have showers that wet up the bathroom but, honestly, all you had to do is turn the shower nozzle the other way so it doesn't hit the door...basically like most showers.


Wedding department: My wedding planner was changed the week before my wedding!!!!  I didn't really mind though because the first one sucked (she no longer works there) and the new one, Lorraine Yapp, was really nice and attentive.  I brought a ton of things for the reception and ceremony and gave them all to Lorraine, told her how I wanted them, and everything came out sooooo beautiful.  I was worried things would look homemade but everything looked so professional.  I made my own table numbers, ceremony program fans, brought my own silk flower petals for the tables, etc, made my own starfish escort cards, and made my own menus.  Everything looked incredible and was set up just how I wanted with the help of a good friend guiding everything with Lorraine.


My friends, family, husband, and I are still talking about our wonderful wedding a month later.  We all have so many laughs and great memories from the trip.  So many guests commented that not only was this the best wedding they attended, but the best vacation they've ever had.  Even the nightly entertainment was great and usually it's kind of cheesy at all inclusive resorts. 


A little about me: My family is Jamaican and many of our friends are Caribbean and everyone loved the food at the Negril Buffet.  I travel alot and have stayed at true 5 star resorts.  I would still classify this resort as a 4 star.  The service was impeccable although I was annoyed with a couple of things. 


Annoyances:  The bride and groom get a special red wristband which basically just lets the staff know we are the bride and groom and we're supposed to get some kind of fruit basket.  The front desk did not have us noted as the bride and groom although the wedding coordinator said she told them and seemed a bit annoyed that they did not have it noted as such.  They noted it at check-in, gave us the wristbands, and told us the basket would be delivered the next day.  It never came.  I called every day, still no basket.  I finally spoke with the concierge manager who told me it would be delivered the next day with complimentary champagne.  The next day was my wedding day.  We checked in on Wednesday and the wedding was on Saturday...so that's how long it took.  Then, on the wedding day, it still did not come and I wanted to use the champagne to toast with my bridesmaids.  We had to call again and they finally brought it with two bottles of champagne and glasses.  We ended up running so late (my own fault) and we were trying to beat the rain so we didn't get a chance to toast anyway. 


All in all, I loved this resort and would go back in a heartbeat.  If you can, go for the honeymoon villa...so nice.  My villa overlooked the beach wedding pergola so I came out from my room onto the pathway right to the beach for the wedding.  It was so beautiful.  You will be so happy if you have your wedding here.  Ask for Lorraine as your wedding coordinator from the beginning.  Not sure if they'll be able to accommodate but it's worth a try.


Great review! Thanks so much. I'm getting married at GPLH in 25 days and Loraine is our wedding coordinator. She has been so helpful and much quicker at responding to emails than anyone else has.


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Thanks for the review great details. I am jamaican also with some jamaican guests so I am happy to hear that the food is authentic. Congratulations!!!!!!


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