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Disco Movil Isla Mujeres Nov 2012
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Pros: Communication, Performance, Service
Cons: None

Our wedding was in mid November 2012 at Privilege Aluxes on Isla Mujeres.  The wedding coordinator at the resort had listed Disco Movil as one of the possible vendors.  We did some research, including this particular forum, and felt we had read enough positive things to contact them about their availability.  We were happy that they were available and booked them.


Disco Movil was very prompt with their responses and communication and their e-forms and use of paypal made transactions and contract changes incredibly simple.  We gave them a playlist in .txt format and they took care of everything else.  They handled all emcee-ing duties for our reception dinner. 


We've been to several weddings this year where the dance went from fun to lame, back to fun, and then dropped off again within a song or two.  One thing we wanted for our wedding was to try to keep momentum going after the traditional starting dances (1st dance, father/daughter, etc).   Discomovil was very aware of our request and sequenced the song selections well and maintained that momentum.  Four hours flew by as no one left the dance floor.  Unlike some wedding DJs that just play songs one right after another, Disco Movil actually provided DJ skills and mixed and blended the transitions between songs and added their own touch to them.  They did a great job and were as good as advertised.  Everyone came away impressed with them and enjoyed them.  We would recommend them to anyone having a wedding in this region of Mexico!


The Chens


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