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Worth every penny!
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Yazmin De La Mora Weddings and Catering

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By HappyGoLucky, · 211 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: on top of things, organized, great communicator, beautiful work

Initially I was planning on using my resort's in-house wedding planner.  Then 4-months before our wedding day, I get an email from the resort planner that she's leaving her post and another planner will be stepping in.  I started to panic but I thought I'd give the new planner a try.  After countless emails to the new planner and another month going by of no communication and no further progress on wedding details I flew into full panic mode.  I hired Yazmin based on reviews and pictures of her work and she was one of the best decisions I made!  My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner.


Yazmin can be as involved as you want her to be.  I wanted her to manage all the details of the wedding day and she did precisely that.  Had we hired her before we hired all of the vendors, she would've taken care of paying them and tipping them as well but since I hired my own vendors it wasn't in her contract to take care of those financials.  Still, she put together an amazing Excel spreadsheet of all the vendors and who needed to be paid and who had already been paid.  


On the wedding day she was prepared for every possible scenario.  She has this wonderful emergency kit on her at all times so that when I needed a safety pin for my dress, she had it at the ready.  She even arranged buses for our excursions prior to the wedding day so that our guests were shuttled safely to and from their desired excursions.  When I needed to ship a dozen packages to Mexico that contained everything from welcome bags to gifts for the groomsmen, she allowed us to ship them directly to her and then she delivered them personally to the resort when we arrived there.  What I loved about Yazmin the most was that unlike the resort wedding planner, Yazmin emailed me back the minute I emailed her.  With Yazmin you feel like you are her number one priority.  She knows how these resort wedding planners work and she speaks the language, so she can communicate far better than someone 3,000 miles away every could.  Yazmin is a top-notch planner in every sense of the word.  She does her profession proud and if you're planning on doing a destination wedding and you want more than what the resort has to offer then do yourself a favor and save yourself a whole lot of headaches by hiring Yazmin.  You won't regret it!












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