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Nuevo Vallarta
Our amazing wedding at the royal decameron
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Royal Decameron Costa Flamingos All Inclusive

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By nikole2012, · 393 Views · 0 Comments

Just got home after an amazing two week vacation and the best day of my life Nov 12th, 2012.

I really wanted to post a review on here for this resort since there isnt very many on here, and I know its comforting to see other peoples experiences before decided on where you want to celebrate your big day.


Ill try and keep this to the point and fairly short. I travelled to the royal decameron with 65 friends and family including kids, couples, singles, and grandparents. We decided to do the legal ceremony, and Claudio the wedding coordinator was great organizing everything before we arrived to make sure it would all be in order once we got to the resort.  As soon as we got off the plane Claudio was waiting for us, helped us check in, and took us to the doctors office right away to get our blood test (since we were having a legal ceremony this is something that anyone getting married in that state has to do , tourist or not). I would say about 80% of the group they were able to block together in block 5 which was perfect for our group. We arrived on Sat and the wedding took place on Monday so Sunday was the day of the rehersal and going over all the details with claudio.  He was always avalailable and very easy to reach if I ever had any questions or requests.


Now for the day the of the wedding. The ceremony took place on the beach at 5pm. As I walked to the site and waiting to walk down the isle I was amazed at how beautiful they had set everything up. The bouquets were amazing as were all the details of decorations.

We had certain music picked out for the ceremony and it all went perfect without any problems. The ceremony went great and we encorperated our own vows. After the ceremony we went for pictures on the beach which were again amazing and from there moved on to our beautifully set up reception which was also on the beach. The food at the wedding was AMAZING!! I didn't have super high expectations but it definatly exceeded them, all the guest were talking about how great the food was. The servers served the head table to we didnt need to get up and get our own plates which was a really nice touch.

The service staff and the bartender were sooooo great!!

We hired a meriachi band and the dj with light up dance floor, and both were well worth the money. The meriachi band played through dinner and the guest really appreciated the live entertainment. I had made a list of songs for the dj to play but had forgotten it in my room, but he played great music and any request he found and played right away.

At the end of the reception we had also ordered the fireworks package, and went down to the beach as everyone watched on and had a spectacular fireworks show just for us, which ended up with some amazing photos and was a great way to finish the night.

All along the photographer and videographer were right there for everything. 

I would highly highly recommend the videographer as it was so nice to be able to watch the whole days/evenings events as it all went by so fast. Claudio stayed the whole time making sure no details were missed.


The wedding was more perfect then words can describe. Congrats to other brides and hope that wherever you decide to get married it ends up being as amazing as my day!





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