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So happy we hired Danielle at Blue Petal to coordinate our wedding and travel!!!
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Pros: Complimentary first class flight for bride and groom; she coordinated all communications between the resort and fought for the things we wanted.
Cons: Can't think of any!

Let's face it, wedding planning can be seriously stressful! At first, I thought I could handle everything on my own, but it was my husband who wanted to hire a travel agent so that he wouldn't lose me completely to the planning process.


The great thing about Blue Petal is that not only do they plan your travel but also coordinate everything with the wedding planner at the resort. So I only had to communicate with one person and she took care of all the rest. Danielle was our travel agent and we were really happy with her work. We live in Toronto and Blue Petal is based in Vancouver and if anything, it made for better communication as we could reach her later in the day due to the time difference.


It was such a relief to not be the ones who had to chase our guests for money for their trips. Especially when, in the end, not all of our original guests could go and they had to forfeit their deposits. A lot of our guests had questions and wanted special upgrades and Danielle took care of all of that. I know she dealt with a lot of questions and some flack from our guests (things to do with the airlines that were out of her control) and I so appreciated that she handled it like a pro and any frustrations did not come down to me.


When we received our flight itinerary, we were pleasantly surprised to find that me and my husband had been upgraded to first class. It was a great added treat!


We decided a little late in the planning process that we wanted a room upgrade. Our wedding was at the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana, and we were already in the Elegance Club but also wanted an upgrade within the club. We were told that they were completely booked and nothing could be done until we arrived at the actual resort. When we arrived, we were given a nice room (honestly, all of the rooms were gorgeous, especially the swim-ups!), but we told our butler that we would like an upgrade when one came up as we were staying for 2 weeks. The night of our wedding, one came free and we were able to move the next day. It was on the 3rd floor with a great view! One patio overlooking the pool and a private walled-in patio with an outdoor jacuzzi. Our only issue is that the water in the outdoor jacuzzi didn't get as hot as the indoor one. But we still enjoyed our time out there.




Now, onto the actual wedding. We arrived on a Sunday night, and on the Monday we had a 4pm appointment with the resort's wedding coordinator. Everything was pretty well in place. I had brought my own real touch flowers but took the free bouquet for the bouquet toss. I was REALLY happy I went with real touch when I saw the free bouquet. It was a little wilted. Our wedding was on a Wednesday, so that could be it. I also did not get an upgrade so maybe the upgraded flowers were better...


The wedding day went so smoothly. I contribute this to the fact that we tried to make everything as simple as possible (no stress) and that Danielle really worked everything out for us before we even got there. Also, we had Phil Steingard as our photographer and he really does a lot behind the scenes to make sure things run on schedule. He had a lunch delivered to my room while we were getting ready. When we met up with the rest of the wedding party to do photos before the ceremony, we started to get a little hungry again. My husband saw our butler and slipped him a tip to bring us the left over platters of fruit and sandwiches that were in our room. That took the edge off. Photo taking can be exhausting! (As a side note, we are SOOO extremely happy with our photos and have received SO many compliments. It was worth the time and my husband's crankiness to get them done and he agrees with me!).




At our meeting with the coordinator, I gave her the silk rose petals I had brought for the aisle in the sand as well as some extra and some sea shells to put on the dinner table. She made sure it was done and it looked perfect! We also had silk bags of petals for the toss after the ceremony, but we gave those to our neices to hand out to the women before the ceremony. The petal toss photos are some of my favourites!





We hired Pastor York to do our ceremony (at 5pm) and he sent us the write up beforehand to approve. We made some changes to suit us and he did a beautiful job. Not many dry eyes in our group!


At our meeting, we requested that our package reception dinner at the See and Sea be on the terrace section, overlooking the beach and ocean. We had seen where they normally set it up, which is pretty private on it's own, but we felt there was too much open space and didn't feel cozy to us. They said they didn't normally do that, but they'd see what they could do. In the end, they put it where we wanted it and it was beautiful! We had 25 guests in total, so that may have contributed to them being able to do it. I don't think a larger group would have fit.






(Another side note: 25 people was the perfect number! We got to spend time with everyone and were able to do some excursions as a group, but it also was enough people that no one felt pressured to always be with the group. Some of my favorite memories are the late nights on the beach when we were the only ones there, having some drinks, taking pictures and swimming. It was really magical!)


We got our nieces to make the place cards beforehand and gave them the seating arrangement. They took care of that before we arrived at the dinner.


After the dinner, we went to the Wet Bar for our dance and cake cutting. We decided not to hire a dj and rented the sound system. A friend of ours in Toronto is a dj and he gave us a list of songs that we downloaded. They were mostly oldies, such as Runaround Sue, Sex Machine, etc. I had gone to the club he djs at for my bachelorette and what I loved was that because the music was a lot of oldies, everyone knew the songs and we all danced the night away! It can be hard to cater to everyone's tastes, but almost everyone loves that kind of music. Almost everyone in the group danced for 3 hours straight! We were having such a good time that our guests started tipping the bartenders to let us stay longer, which they did. It was awesome!




Oh, and the cake was delicious! My brother managed to hijack the music just as we were cutting the cake to play ACDC's Hells Bells, which made for some funny pictures of me reacting! WTF? Pretty funny! We had a round cake with 2 layers. It was chocolate with banana filling and white icing. I had also brought some real touch flowers for that which they placed beautifully on the cake.




When we finally had to leave the Wet Bar (around midnight), we went and changed and met some of our guests at the lobby bar, then off to the club Coco's. Hahah! The music was not as good as ours, but at that point it didn't matter. We then went to the beach to hang out a bit more.


When we got back to our room that night, there was a "Just Married" banner on our door. Our jacuzzi was filled and there was a bottle of champagne and rose petals around it. It was the perfect way to end the night.


I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling and low stress wedding. I'm so thankful we had Danielle to arrange everything for us, because it truly allowed me to relax and enjoy our time. As soon as we were on the flight to DR, I was in relaxation mode. I highly recommend Blue Petal to all brides, whether you want an elaborate wedding or something simple yet tasteful, like we had. They can take care of it all.


Thank you Danielle and Blue Petal Destinations Weddings!





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