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Great florist & perfect alternative to resort's flowers
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Maya Floral

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Pros: Beautiful, cost effective
Cons: N/A

I began researching outside florists once I saw the pricing for my resort's floral arrangements. After some research, I heard about Marvin at Maya Floral on these boards - I am so thankful for that!


About 11 months out, I started communicating with Marvin via email. I told him my wedding date, my wedding colors, and floral ideas I had. Marvin then sent me a ton of designs he had previously done in my colors, and I was able to pick and choose certain flowers from certain designs to create my own personal design. We decided on bouquets, centerpieces, bouts, and aisle petals - the prices were great, and we were done - or so I thought.






A few months out, I decided I wanted to change my flowers from just blue & yellow to include more "tropical" colors. Again, Marvin worked his magic with a ton of different ideas and I settled on my final product for my bouquet and my centerpieces.


new arrangement.bmp


I also decided to add corsages to my order for the moms. I approved my invoice a few weeks before the wedding and paid half of the total amount through Paypal as a deposit.


On the day of the wedding, in order to avoid a $350 vendor fee, I had some of our guys meet the delivery guy in our lobby with cash for the flowers. (I believe there was a $30 delivery fee). We then kept all of the flowers in our room until right before the wedding. Overall, I was really impressed with all of the flowers - they were so bright and vibrant. The only thing I noticed, and I didn't even notice it until now (6 weeks after my wedding) is that we never got the votive candles for our centerpieces, lol. But really, no complaints whatsoever, and I would definitely recommend Maya Diseno Floral.


Here are some pictures of the flowers at our wedding:


3 bags of aisle petals ($15 each)



Bridal Bouquet ($120), Groom Bout ($15)



Corsages ($20), Bouts ($15)




Centerpieces ($65 each)





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