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Have yet to see pictures of my own wedding
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Ocean Photo Studio

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By SarahWitt, · 140 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Great People to work with, very nice
Cons: I have been waiting for 10 days now & still do not have a single photo

I was Married on May 26th, 2012 at Aventura Cove Palace, according to your contract you are supposed to have wedding photo packages ready 72 hours after the wedding & if we are not at the resort we pay $69 to ship them. I have been waiting 10 days now for my photo's & books to come in the mail, and they haven't even been sent out to me yet. VERY DISAPPOINTING that I am paying almost $2000 for this package and you are not able to meet your own expectations.


I would most likely not be the first to recommend, considering I have read reviews about other photographers, and never have heard they took this long to get pictures out to their customers.

1 Comment

Hi Sara, we are working right now to see what happend with your photos and package, its very important to us to fulllfill your expectations, we apologize for all this its happening to you, its very rare that your package has not delivery yet, you will have a response today. Thank you so much for your patience


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