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Dean Sanderson Photography

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By eda7442, · 363 Views · 2 Comments


It’s difficult to write a review on the unique experience of being professionally photographed by Dean Sanderson. When we say experience, we mean just that! Dean doesn’t simply offer photography services… Yes, he’s a darned professional, in that he takes amazing pictures, shows great creativity, he captures every emotion (knows when to photograph), blends in the background, he makes kids feel at ease, he’s very courteous and polite, makes sure never to miss a moment… We could go on! We’d suggest that that should be enough to for anyone to consider him for their wedding photography, but he takes the experience to a whole new level just in the way he makes you feel at home – we mean this literally because, after our wedding day, he picked us up at our resort and he invited us to his place in Playa del Carmen to do an urban/beach setting TTD. Beforehand, he helped us out with our wedding day itinerary (tips for the bride getting dressed, etc. to time things just right). For the money we paid him, we feel he went well above and beyond what was expected of him. During the TTD, we were fortunate to meet his family, Cièle, his adorable dog and, of course, Anna, his life (and business!) partner who brought so much more fun to the photo shoot. Anna and Dean make a great team and are great people just to hang out with. Too bad we live so far from each other as I’m sure we’d be going out on lunch and dinners together (we have a rain check on ice cream!).


So there you have, an experience is very difficult to describe in words, but rest assured that you’re in good hands with Dean (and Anna!). You will not regret hiring this photographer that truly makes you feel special as a friend. Also, he’s very efficient with special requests and works very fast at getting your pictures delivered.


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