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Playa del Carmen
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The Royal in Playa del Carmen All Inclusive Spa & Resort

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By ksnolley, · 537 Views · 4 Comments

Pros: Service, View, Rooms, Location, Food/Drink
Cons: Unable to customize

My Husband and I just returned from our destination wedding at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen. We had such an amazing experience and wouldn't change anything! 


We had about 45 guests come to the resort and all had an easy time getting to the resort. Some rented a car and others took shuttles from the airport. Playa Del Carmen is extremely safe and its a great location for people who like to go out on adventures. The resort is amazing - the pool and the beach awesome- so for others who don't like to go on adventures its  a great place to relax.


Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great while we were there- it was mostly cloudy with scattered showers almost every day so our wedding coordinator (Liza- who was great!) said we would need to make other arrangements for the wedding. We originally had planned to have everything on the beach in front of Pelicano's. I was so upset of the thought of having my wedding inside so she made special arrangements to close down Pelicano's and let us have our reception and cocktail hour there. This actually turned out better- its not enclosed so we still had the ocean breeze but we also had the fans and it was probably a lot easier to walk around since we weren't on sand. 


She allowed us to make the decision of where we wanted the ceremony an hour before- and the sun was out so we had the ceremony on the beach! The flowers were gorgeous and smelled so good- The ladies at the Spa did a fantastic job on hair and makeup- everyone looks phenomenal. 


The cocktail hour appetizers were so good and there were 4 hot and 4 cold passed appetizers. We had open bar for the cocktail hour and reception- the service was fantastic and there wasn't a moment when someone wasnt asking to fill your drink! 


At the reception we had DJ Dorremixx who did a great job- he played the best songs- a good mix between 60's, 70's. 80', and today- we had a lot of older people come to the wedding too and they really appreciated this. We chose to have the light up dance floor and it was well worth it- everyone loved it! The wait staff came around with tequila shots for everyone several times during the night- they really made the party! 


Everything just seemed to fall into place- I was stressing alot before the wedding about the details and the weather- but they really don't matter- everything seemed to be perfect anyways even if it wasn't exactly what we had asked for. 


We had brought welcome bags for all of our guests and asked the resort to hand them out upon arrival. They said they preferred to deliver to their rooms and charged a fee of $3 per bag- kind of steep- but it was worth it since I didn't have to deal with it. 


SO many people came up to us and said this was the best wedding they had ever been to- everyone raved about how much fun they had and every bit of planning was worth it once we heard the feedback from everyone. 


I would highly recommend this resort and wedding department to everyone- best destination wedding ever!


Helpful review, ksnolley! I am having my wedding at the Royal in January. I had not idea they charged for giftbag delivery - that's a little silly. One quick Q for you - do you recall how much the charge for the light up dance floor was? I am headed to PDC for tasting and site tour in a couple weeks, but in the meantime have not been able to get a straight answer on that Q and am dying to know! Thanks!


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Thanks - I'm pretty sure it's not on there anymore. I have scoured that site and it's notwhere to be found.


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Jordan... I am having my wedding next month 6.23.12 and I paid $700.00 for the light up dance floor and $950.00 for the DJ. They are both kinda pricey but I've heard its worth it!! we shall see :-)


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