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Nuevo Vallarta
Absolute PERFECTION. Would never, ever stay anywhere else!!
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Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta All Inclusive

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By DestinationDreamer0885, · 542 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Fabulous beach, Incredible food, Over-The-Top service
Cons: Bathroom privacy just takes a little getting-used to :o) Fogged-out glass doors; We had wedding offsite because we wanted it more private

Our wedding group's stay this resort was truly unbelievable. We didn't actually get married here (instead we tied the knot at Martoca Beach Garden... A+++) but we did stay here as a group and if I had to go back and do it all over again, time after time after time we'd stay at Dreams VillaMagna. Our guests are bugging us to go back for a first year vow renewal, second year vow renewal, on and on! :o) This resort does NOT get enough credit for what it has to offer a group. This was my 4th stay in PV / NV and of the 4 resorts I've stayed at it was absolutely, 100% the best for a group. Our group was 30 people, but it would be great for any group size.


Let's start with the food: absolutely perfect. The menu was incredible, and everything we tried was better than the last!! Portofino was my favorite - it had a meat lasagna for dinner that absolutely rivaled the best lasagna I've ever had in the WORLD, and that was in Italy. We skipped breakfast quite a bit (or just had fruit) so we could pretty much gorge at lunch and dinner, haha.


The staff is soooooo SO nice. The waiters remembered us every morning at breakfast, and asked about specific things that we had told them from the days before. (Seriously, the morning after our wedding I had at least 6 or 7 different waiters come up to me and ask how it went and if anyone had pictures they could show them.) Kudos to the entire staff at Gohan Sky Bar too, because they were really patient with our big group and kept the drinks flowing, and had refilled glasses into our hands before one got empty! Every single staff member at this resort is helpful and smiling and they want to make sure you are having a great experience. Not one member of our 30-person group complained.


The views and grounds are incredible, and impeccably kept up. Even though we didn't get married there we watched a wedding the night before and it was gorgeous! If you want something private, there are other choices of private homes and venues in the area... But I honestly don't think it bothered the bride or groom or any of the wedding members that a few people watched - trust me,  it looked like they had a blast regardless. :o)

For some pictures that we took of the grounds, rooms, food, etc. you can see my post about Dreams VM here. Best wishes and have fun! We weren't disappointed with one dang thing, and we're all dreaming of going back!!!


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