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Riveria Maya Corridor
Perfectly Amazing!
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La Amada Hotel Playa Mujeres Cancun

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Future MrsO

By Future MrsO, · 788 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful location, small, intimate setting. Flexible and friendly staff
Cons: Some slow service on the beach and at dinner

This resort is small, 109 rooms, and it was the perfect place for me to get married. 31 of our family and friends came, which was a great amount so we could spend time with everyone and everyone else got to hang out with new and old friends. We couldn’t walk anywhere without running into someone we knew. The staff knew who we were from the beginning, and gave us excellent service most of the time. They said 31 is a big number for this resort, so we did overwhelm the dinner staff and kitchen one night when we all went together to dinner. The idea was to split up at different restaurants but everyone wanted to be together so as a result, some people didn’t get their food at all and the rest of us had to wait a very long time. The beach service was also slow in my opinion, often just one person working the beach and pool.  Room service is 24 hours which is nice, but it took did take a long time, and you didn’t always get everything you ordered. For example, my friend ordered a cheeseburger, and got a cheesecake instead.
The food is amazing at all the restaurants! Small portions so you can order appetizers, and dessert! YUM! The staff at the Lupita Lounge, which is the only “bar” was so great we drank a lot as a group, and they made my friends fun and different drinks. They close at midnight but didn’t mind if we hung around there after. The mini-bar was always fully stocked with beer and liquor.


We stayed in the Ocean View Terrace Suite with Plunge Pool.The rooms are fantastic. There were three beds on the patio! Each room has a jacuzzi in the corner, ours obviously had a great ocean view.

I personally didn't like the set up of the two story rooms, seems a bit awkward to me. Also, it is all very open in the bathroom, the shower is not frosted glass. Not a problem for couples, got a bit weird for our two single guy friends sharing a room! Wedding tip- having the big room was great for the wedding day as I was able to invite most of the female guests to get ready together and have a champagne toast. It was nice to get to hang out with them before the wedding. We also had a lot of people over for more intimate time with us so it was cool to have the plunge pool.
We did the bonfire on the beach the night before the wedding. It was a lot of fun, they use the word “bonfire” liberally though it was a "smallish" fire on the beach. We were happy with that choice it was a special thing to do the night before the wedding. Everyone we know has been in lots of weddings so no need for a rehearsal. The food was excellent at the bonfire. Their ceviche is so good!! I couldn’t stop eating it the entire time we were there!!
I was stressed about the wedding before it happened for a lot of reasons. As it happened though no need for that! It was perfect! The WC’s and Planner 1 know what they are doing, just trust them. They have great taste! I forgot to ask about some things, and forgot to add some things and they just did it. The flowers were perfectly amazing. Seriously gorgeous and exactly my style!

One reason I was so nervous was that I had 3 different WC’s at the resort during the 10 months I worked with them. So I was concerned what I talked about with one wouldn’t get told to the new one but everything did. No problems. Alejandro is the newest WC. He is a sweet young man, and did a great job. The WC from Excellence was training him during my wedding. One thing that didn’t go as planned was they didn’t have the champagne toast ready after the wedding. We left the ceremony expecting that, but it didn’t happen. Luckily the best man asked Alejandro about it, and they started bringing it very quickly. No big deal.
The reception was fantasticl! We hired DJ Mannia for the music, they were so much fun. The only issue here is they only played AMAZING, fast songs all night -which means we were exhausted from dancing so much! The dance floor was one of our “splurges” and wow, so glad we did that! It was a blast! We also extended the reception an hour, which I highly recommend if you have fun dancing people going. By the time dinner, first dance, and father/daughter dance, and cake was done it was already 9 or so. It was supposed to end at 10, and that would definitely not been enough dancing! We ordered the steak as the main course. I don’t recommend it. We are from Texas though so probably have a different standard for steak. My husband’s was overcooked and dry, but some of them were better than others. The other dishes were good, and so was the cake (or so I am told, I didn't have any)
Our photographer was Photos In Cancun, Derek Campbell. He was so great! One of my favorite things is that at the end of the night we got 3 DVDs with every single picture on them. Many photographers have you choose a certain number that you get. We have over 2000 pictures. Then we choose 150 to be “touched up.” His partner Lorena was so great too. They interacted with everyone at the wedding, and really coached me on some things. They made sure I was where I needed to be on time, and had everything I needed. I really like the "journalistic" style, he took a ton of pictures in different settings and not a ton of posed pictures. So helpful and great pictures!


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