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Zasil Studio Artistic Photography

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By MexicoFeb12, · 253 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Artistic, out of the box thinking, editorial magazine style photos, felt like a celebrity
Cons: Windy day, missed photos of me with specific guests

Zasil Studios is professional and listens to the way you want the day to be with your photos. They respond within a day to emails which is key for getting answers when planning a destination wedding.  Meeting established a few days before the wedding to run through expectations and give a list of required photos and ideas. Vincent listens with an open heart and on the day of the wedding adds his own flair.  And what a flair it is...most of the guests were from small towns so his European exuberance was entertaining for everyone and brought out many character qualities and expressions in our guests.

Sadly, the day was extremely windy and thus difficult to get just the right look to the photos.  Vincent and Alfredo his assistant took it all in stride and improvised to get many amazing photos.  We did miss a few key photos but with the wind the organization of the day took on its own life.

The photos are out of this world and truly belong in a magazine.  We felt like celebrities and enjoyed every minute of the photo shoot.


A Happy Bride!


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