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Ocean Photo Studio

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By mhagan14, · 148 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Caught all of the important memories that you want to remember for a lifetime!
Cons: None

I have to say that Louis did an amazing job doing our wedding video at Le Blanc Spa on May 5, 2012.  I didn't even notice him, so he did a good job of not being "in your face".  He caught all of the important details of the ceremony that you want to remember and didn't really get to enjoy.  They did a great editing job and got all of the tears and laughs.  He also went on the beach with us and got footage of us taking pictures with our photographer.  One of the best things was the music they chose, I LOVED IT!  Great job Ocean Photo Studio and great job Louis!  Thank you so much!


Michelle Wood


Thank you Michelle for your review! Would you mind sharing a piece of your video. I'm thinking of getting a videographer for our August Wedding and would love to see their work.

Thank you


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Thank you so much Michelle Wood for your excellent review,and thanks pjmendoza for your interest in our services, you can check samples of photography at our facebook page Ocean Photo Studio and if you have some questions about your video or any suggestions you want to send us before your wedding, please feel free to contact us at socialmedia@smilemarket.com


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